Dan Auerbach Gushes About Working With “True Eccentric” Lana Del Rey On ‘Ultraviolence’

Now that Lana Del Rey has released the music video for “West Coast,” producer Dan Auerbach has provided more insight into what we can expect from Ultraviolence, even though that purported May 1 release date came and went with no official news. The Black Keys front man recently spoke to Rolling Stone about working with the glamorous singer on the project, and had some glowing things to say about her.

“She’s a true eccentric, and, you know, extremely talented” Auerbach said.  “She has a definite vision of what she is and what she wants to be, musically and visually, which is cool. [Drummer Patrick Carney] and I have always just been, like, ‘You can take our photo, I guess,’ but she just like looks at this whole thing as this big art project that she gets to do, which is great.”

Auerbach revealed that they met in New York City during a night out with some mutual friends, and planned to informally meet up at his studio when she swung by Nasvhille, with no idea the meet-up would lead to a two-week album session. And during those two weeks, Del Rey apparently wowed everyone with her vocals.

“Her songs were so strong that I wanted to get my musicians in who I love and get my sound that I get here with her songs and that’s it,” Auerbach said. “I didn’t want to mess it up. She sang live with a seven-piece band. That’s the whole record… She sang live and there are no edits. It was awesome. She impressed everybody.”

[via Rolling Stone]