Bingo Players On New Single “Knock You Out”, Dutch EDM & Moving Forward As A Solo Project

Bingo Players claimed their spot at the forefront of EDM in 2012 when “Get Up (Rattle)” topped the UK singles chart and exploded across Europe. Just when things were really heating up for the Dutch Duo, Paul Baümer was diagnosed with cancer. (He ultimately passed away in December 2013). Maarten Hoogstraten decided to continue making music under the band’s old moniker as a way of honoring his friend.

“Knock You Out” is Bingo Player’s first single as a solo project and it’s an absolute monster. Voiced by relatively unknown diva Kim Viera, the soaring dance anthem is a crossover pop hit waiting to happen thanks to its slick electro-house production and instantly hummable chorus. Maarton talked to us about the song, moving forward without his production partner and the proliferation of excellent Dutch DJs. Read what he has to say after the jump.

How did you make the decision to continue with Bingo Players after Paul’s passing instead of releasing music under your own name?

Before Paul passed, we talked about it. He told me that if I could find the strength, to continue Bingo Players. It took some time for me to decide if I could do it. We worked so hard to get where we are right now and there is so much more to come, it felt right to continue and carry on the legacy.

Has the Bingo Players sound changed now that it’s a solo project?

I don’t think so. Our latest song “Knock You Out” was written by the both of us. And there are some other songs/concepts that we started, which I will be finishing by myself. When I’m producing on my own, I’m always thinking about what Paul would do or say. Of course it’s not the same without him, I miss his feedback and ideas.

Who sings the vocal on “Knock You Out”? Where did you find her?

Her name is Kim Viera and our publisher found her. She’s an upcoming talent, we immediately loved her voice.

The song has immense crossover appeal – what are your hopes for the track?

Well, the club version is already having a successful run. I hope radio stations will play the short edit and that it ends up in the charts as well. We’ll see, you never know, but I have strong faith in the track and the power of the vocal!

Does the mainstream success of Avicii, Zedd and Tiesto inspire you to make more accessible dance music?

Not really. I think we’ve always been making pretty accessible dance music, driven by melodies. I’m am really impressed how Avicii has been cracking the charts while doing something different though, that does inspire me.

Why does Holland churn out so many amazing DJs?

Dance music has been around here for decades, since the mid ’80s. Not only in clubs, but also on mainstream radio. I think that helped to shape the culture and to inspire all the DJ’s and producers we have.

What’s your favorite track at the moment?

I really love the new Chocolate Puma track called “Step Back”. Such a cheeky tune!

Is “Knock You Out” a crossover radio hit? Have your say in the comments below.

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