Lady Gaga Shades Katy Perry In A Subtweet: See Her “Green Hair And Mechanical Horses” Jab

As the self-appointed ambassador of online kindness, Lady Gaga is known for keeping it cute on Twitter. Which makes the fact that she just fired shots at Katy Perry in a shady subtweet all the more remarkable. “It looks like green hair and mechanical horses are the thing now,” tweeted Mother Monster in a thinly veiled reference to her rival’s Prismatic tour, which launched in Belfast yesterday (May 7).

To put things into perspective, Katy rocks a fluro-green wig in the show and also rides a mechanical horse. So what? Well, Gaga arrived at last year’s American Music Awards on a white steed and she briefly rocked the same hair color for a shoot with Terry Richardson. Someone really needs to tell the ARTPOP diva that she didn’t invent hair dye or stage props. See her tweet after the jump.

And here is some evidence to back up Gaga’s “claims”:

Did Katy rip off her rival or does Gaga need to chill?

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  • Chelsea

    Katy Perry is a copycat
    first the katy keene thing, and now this…

  • Sebastián I. Vera Vergara

    Not just for the photo shoot and you get to the awards, also referred to in his previous tour The Born This Way Ball Tour use a mechanical horse for their performances, and currently in its artrave: The ARTPOP ball Tour, also uses a wig to interpretrar a couple of songs; these two Gaga’s done before and that is why he referred.
    Copy or coincidence?

  • Sohan Sheth

    The green hair thing is not that big a deal. However, Lady Gaga also had a mechanical horse- unicorn rather- during her BTWBall two years ago. She brought back the mechanical horse concept for her AMA arrival. It’s not a common prop. Which is why Katy’s use of it is being “called out.” Not saying she can’t or shouldn’t use it. Lady Gaga’s just saying her ideas are catching on. She’s more relevant than people want to admit. It’s just silly that Lady Gaga does it and it’s ridiculous and desperate. Katy does it and it’s fabulous. Just enjoy the show people.

  • Cris

    katy has been copying lady gaga since 2011

  • André

    who is lady gaga?

    • Islam Izak

      Google her name she has like a Billion google results Literally
      even my dog Knows who lady is

      • Islam Izaks

        U wish bitch. Google trends show Gaga’s been on decline since 2010.

      • calin

        What kind of dog is she?

  • mike

    Attention seeker #reductive

  • BetterThanYou

    Nope Katy ripped her off. Gaga isn’t even being disrespectful, she’s telling the truth. I find it funny that when gaga does ANYTHING anybody else does, she’s a copycat reductive etc etc.. as if those ppl invented something but as soon as gaga calls it out, all of a sudden she needs to chill.. NO! if your gonna go around accusing 1 pop star of something, you better call all the other ones out too. and she didn’t even direct it at katy, it could be someone else completely different. Gaga has a point

  • Paris Lawson

    Katy Perry used to look like the boring girl next door, then Gaga showed up on the scene and suddenly she started wearing weird outfits. The girls a Gaga wannebe. I can’t blame her though, her own style is sooooo boring.

    • calin

      Why would Katy want to be a flop like gg?

    • Prism

      Katy wore weird clothes way before Gags joined the scene, seriously people its not so hard to do some effing research before commenting bull like this.

    • Liam Hollingsworth

      Original? Not so much. Check this out: Hey Lady Gaga, The Psychic Twins called…They want their costumes back!

  • Art

    Gaga invented green hair and mechanical horse

  • Shley

    Here’s the thing about both coming from someone who used to like the two but then “PRISM” and “ARTPOP” came out and I completely wanted to unhear such things….
    1.) so much for Gaga and her whole anti-bullying tirade huh? She tells her fans not to pick on other artists who bad mouth her but yet here this is….
    2.) While Gaga’s dresses weirdly on a daily basis it seems, Katy doesn’t She saves that for her music videos and concerts. You don’t see Katy wearing outlandish costumes walking down the street.
    3.) People say Gaga gets called out for doing these things and seems desperate….three/four years ago that was completely acceptable…it was something “new” we haven’t quite seen in the pop world for sure, but now? Snore. It’s boring. Everything comes and goes.
    4.) People call out Katy Perry for ripping off Gaga? Gaga gets called for ripping others off? Let’s face it: pop stars pretty much lack originality these days.
    5.) You’re complaining about hair colors and props? Seriously, shut up.
    Katy Perry isn’t better than Gaga and vice versa.

  • Wilimina

    Wait Gaga, the QUEEN of copy is calling someone out! That’s HILARIOUS!

  • HC

    Katy’s a Gaga wannabe, just like Gaga’s a Madonna wannabe ;D

  • desertgypsy

    Gaga calling anyone out for for copying is just laughable. She’s talented, and she’s had a moment or two of originality but overall she’s invented nothing. Her look is copied. Her beats are copied. Her eccentricities are copied. I used to love her.. even knowing she wasn’t an original (look up Dale Bozzio).. but now I can’t even look at her. Don’t care if I never hear another song or see another one of her lame ass videos. Move over G, the next generation is ready to take over

  • Michael

    Stop being jealous Gaga and worry about your own FLOPPING RECORD. Love you but the jealousy thing looks awful on you.

    • HC

      Agree with ya on that one! Poor Gaga she sounds pretty desperate & jealous:( I love her and “ArtPop”, but c’mon Gaga move on! Make a better record and come back better than ever. Reclaim your throne Queen. Let Katy shine, let her have her moment. :)

  • calin

    This coming from a woman who went to the Madonna academy of performing arts and has and continues to copy M, well mostly everything.

  • Prism

    Katy wore a green wig for a photoshoot before Gags, google it lil monstahs.

  • cVnt


  • Pablo

    Yet wasn’t Gaga saying their was no beef? And her desperate clinging to her “artpop” idea. Yet she throws shade.

    Shows how genuine this whole little act lady gaga has going truly is.

    • Grammer

      Lady Gaga*

      • Pablo

        It was early in the morning. Go lick my left nut.

  • joseph k

    first u forgot something : the optic wig katy also did that for her show but gaga was the first to wear a full chargeable optic wig so these are 3 things not only 2

  • xSushi

    I’m going to get called out for pissing in a urinal next week because it’s already been done before. Calm down gaga, most of her stuff has been done before as well… and done better!

  • LadyGagaFan

    Everyone thinks that Gaga has flopped just because she’s not on the radio with ARTPOP so Katy thinks she can just take over and just use her ideas,Katy never used to dress weird like that but I think she’s trying to steal Gagas success, Gaga has made enough success and ARTPOP is for her fans she doesn’t care what anyone else thinks she’s doing what she loves, creds to Gaga #teamGaga