Lady Gaga Shades Katy Perry In A Subtweet: See Her “Green Hair And Mechanical Horses” Jab

As the self-appointed ambassador of online kindness, Lady Gaga is known for keeping it cute on Twitter. Which makes the fact that she just fired shots at Katy Perry in a shady subtweet all the more remarkable. “It looks like green hair and mechanical horses are the thing now,” tweeted Mother Monster in a thinly veiled reference to her rival’s Prismatic tour, which launched in Belfast yesterday (May 7).

To put things into perspective, Katy rocks a fluro-green wig in the show and also rides a mechanical horse. So what? Well, Gaga arrived at last year’s American Music Awards on a white steed and she briefly rocked the same hair color for a shoot with Terry Richardson. Someone really needs to tell the ARTPOP diva that she didn’t invent hair dye or stage props. See her tweet after the jump.

And here is some evidence to back up Gaga’s “claims”:

Did Katy rip off her rival or does Gaga need to chill?

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