Demi Lovato’s One-Year ‘Demiversary’ Is A Raging Success, Album Returns To iTunes Top 5

A full year has passed since Demi Lovato rocked the pop music world with 4th studio album Demi. Hollywood Records celebrated the LP’s first birthday by announcing a new version of “Really Don’t Care” as the next single and offering fans a special discount. And so far Operation Demiversary has been a great success. The opus is currently sitting pretty in the iTunes top 5.

It’s great to see the Disney diva’s most consistent and cohesive effort getting so much love. Demi has already produced three hit singles — “Heart Attack”, “Made In The USA” and “Neon Lights” — and spawned a blockbuster world tour. With another catchy jam headed to radio in the very near future, the LP still has a lot of life left in it. Listen to Demi’s latest after the jump.

How are you celebrating the album’s Demiversary? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Lovatica


  • Christian

    Is this a joke?
    That album was bad, but of course her Lovatics love it. —–that fan name, ugh. Fan names are just terrible.
    I tried to give that album a listen and it was just embaressing. To borrow her song title, I really don’t care.
    Anniversary for a terrible album. That’s new.

    • Anisha

      Ok if you don’t like it, just go listen to different music. Everybody has a taste and you don’t need to go bitching about others likes. Pretty sure somebody loathes your favorite music band or artist and compared to A LOT of people, demi is really good!

    • lovaticforever123

      if you dont like it then why are you listening to it you dont love her so go and listen to your rihanna and shakira Demi is only normal person and she love her fans

  • Bre

    Your spelling of “embaressing” is embarrassing.