‘The Voice’: Tessanne Chin Returns For Results Show & Christina Grimmie Tries For A Save

May 14th, 2014 // 9 Comments
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It’s that time of the season again when the previous season’s contestants take a break from making their contractually obligated Voice-themed shampoo commercials to perform on the stage where there careers truly began (and where they pretty much ended, some would argue, but happy homecoming anyway!). Season 5 winner Tessanne Chin, along with the season’s finalists Jacquie Lee and Will Champlin perform their newest singles as coaches ShakiraUsherBlake Shelton and Adam Levine await their teams’ results.

Before the former Voice-ers hit the stage, Rascal Flatts perform their new single “Rewind” to kick off the show. The Voice’s efforts at total country takeover are not so subtle at this point, are they?

Season 5 finalist Jacquie Lee then performs her new single, “Broken Ones,” for her homecoming. It’s a little more somber than the teen’s past performances, but perhaps that’s what five months of a Voice contract can do to a person. Not so coincidentally, the single’s release date was Tuesday.

Fellow Season 5 finalist Will Champlin performs “Eye Of The Pyramid,” and is immediately reminded of the audience’s inability to clap in time. Like Jacquie, Will’s single was released on Tuesday. Gotta take advantage of any built-in promotion available, right?

To the victor goes the spoils, and on The Voice, the spoils happen to be the budget for stage design. Season 5 winner Tessanne Chin performs “Everything Reminds Me Of You” on a neon lit stage. There’s a Leona Lewis vibe to the single, which will appear on her forthcoming album Count On My Love, out June 24. When she sings “I can’t watch TV on Sunday nights, especially not HBO / Cause I don’t want to make the dumb mistake by turning to what used to be our show,” though, it just leaves too many questions. Game Of ThronesGirlsTrue Blood? Don’t say Newsroom. WHICH ONE WAS IT, TESSANNE? Inquiring minds need to know.

As America ponders which premium channel show Tessanne is avoiding, the first two finalists are announced.

Voted through:
Team Blake – Jake Worthington
Team Usher – Josh Kaufman

Kristen Merlin, Kat Perkins and Christina Grimmie are left to compete for the Instant Save.

Kristen sings Carrie Underwood’s “Blown Away,” and the performance highlights how immense Underwood’s range is. It does nothing, however, for Kristen Merlin’s voice. Shakira’s country singer struggles, specifically in the lower register.

“It’s been amazing to see what’s happened between Shakira and you as artist and coach. It’s been magical,” says Blake.

“Here’s why I think that America should save Kristen,” says Coach Shakira, ready with a list of reasons. “She is a storyteller. She emotes every time she sings. I believe every word she says when she sings. Her voice is distinguishing. You will recognize Kristen’s voice on the radio if you hear it.”

Kat sings Carrie Underwood’s “Good Girl” in her third appearance in the Instant Saves. Despite the fact that she has been teetering on elimination, she always pulls it out in these make-or-break performances.

“You have such fun up here, you electrify this audience and bring this performance to life,” says Usher

“I’m such a Kat Perkins fan, I’m saving the crap out of you,” says Adam, who will likely say the exact same thing to Christina in mere moments.

Christina didn’t get the Carrie Underwood memo, and sings OneRepublic instead. Her rendition of “Apologize” is OK, but not her best.

“If you get this girl to where she needs to go in the finals, this girl is going to win,” says Adam. Interestingly, he said the exact same thing to Kat last week.

So who stays in the finals with Blake and Usher: Shakira or Adam?

The Instant Save Goes to…
Team Adam’s Christina Grimmie

Headed home:
Team Adam’s Kat Perkins
Team Shakira’s Kristen Merlin

So it’s a battle of the boys – boy coaches that is – in next week’s finale, which will feature performances by Ed Sheeran and yet-to-be-named others. Can Usher pull off his first win? Or will it be a repeat for Adam or Blake?


  1. Sean

    Tessanne’s show on HBO is Game of Thrones. She loves watching it with her husband. https://twitter.com/Tessanne/status/466437260955893760

  2. RtA1913

    This show is a complete joke! I don’t hate Christina but she is definitely overrated and it’s not fair she already has a huge fanbase from her YouTube covers (which by the way are the same songs she’s performed on the live shows, cheater much?) and she already has contacts (both Selena Gomez and Bieber tweeted to save her, that’s completely UNFAIR).

    And that’s not all, The Voice had confirmed that last week was the last Instant Save but they changed the rules so Christina would go to the finals, cause Josh, Jake (he SO doesn’t deserve to be on the finals, he’s mediocre) and Kristen all entered the top 10 on iTunes, so pretty much we can say Grimmie was out, but they brought the Instant Save cause they knew her twitter/online fanbase is huge (they didn’t show up to buy her songs tho).

    I’m done with this fake and manipulative show, Kristen and Shakira were robbed, and WTF does Jake is doing in the finals? He shouldn’t have even made the live shows.

    • bbizzle

      bitter much. Grimmie can out sing all these poeple under the table hands down. Of course she has done all those songs she is the top youtube artist. there probably isn’t much she has not sang….I don’t know why she needs the show since she has toured with Selena, been on Ellen,ryan Seacrest and Dancing with ths stars but….she still kills Kristen Merlin easy in singing and that was the first time Kristen ever was in top 10 itunes. Grimmie two songs though not best choices were both top 25 on charts.

  3. steve

    Christina has over 500,000 Twitter fans and a huge YouTube following. There was no chance she wouldn’t be saved.
    To the peoplel asking about Jake – he’s country and on Team Blake…Enough said

  4. steve

    Tessane proved she deserved to win last season and also showed that she has the potential to be the Voice’s first breakout star. But is her single not on sale on iTunes or elsewhere? That makes no sense. And I thought she has dropped the Chin and was going by just Tessanne. But why perform on a network show and then not have your single available for sale – it was clearly the best of the three

  5. Alycia

    Tessanne, love!!love!! love her, yes,disappointed song not on sale on iTunes. She had the best song..

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