Justin Timberlake Tributes Michael Jackson In “Love Never Felt So Good” Video: Watch

May 14th, 2014 // 3 Comments
justin timberlake michael jackson love never felt so good
MJ's Xscape
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Well, we’ve had a few days to digest Michael Jackson‘s Xscape, and ya know what, it’s pretty good! And now the Justin Timberlake-featuring version of lead single “Love Never Felt So Good” gets an official video. The visual features clips from MJ’s videos interspersed with shots of JT and friends mimicking the King of Pop’s iconic moves in their re-created settings.

All in all, it’s a solid idea for a video honoring Jackson while highlighting the “new” aspect of the release. And it’s definitely better than some holo-Jacko CGI monstrosity that was surely a possibility at some point. Check it out up top.

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  1. Props to Justin for wisely keeping to the background! While he is a very talented vocalist and dancer, this is Michael’s song. The video works as a tribute from his fans to the King of Pop! Two thumbs way up!

  2. Great dance music, a good duet with Michael super
    dancers fans. JT is a unique love that voice!
    Beautiful song!

  3. Margot Toth

    so much awesome!!! thanks JT :D great job channeling the King!! got chills and a lil tear Mikey would have loved it i think

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