Danity Kane Reveals The Cover Of Comeback Single “Lemonade”: Are They A Trio Now?

May 14th, 2014 // 4 Comments
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Just when you thought Danity Kane‘s comeback was over before it started, the lovely ladies pull the trigger and post the cover of much-anticipated new single “Lemonade”. Things got pretty quiet in the DK camp for a minute but their reunion seems to be back on track. Apart from mounting speculation that Aundrea Fimbres has left the band.

What now? Well, the cover only shows three girls — which doesn’t really mean anything but Dawn Richard, Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex all updated their Twitter accounts with the new artwork. Meanwhile, Aundrea is M.I.A. and still rocking an old promo pic as her avi. Who knows? Either way, Danity Kane is returning in one form or another and that’s cause for celebration.

Can Danity Kane survive as a trio? Have your say in the comments below.

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  1. MARK

    I think they can the public would just have to adjust just like they’re used to danity kane as 4 now.

  2. ALO

    I think its all a stunt and Drea is in on it. I think the artwork is probably a still from the music video… the girls have been filming lately and surprises and announcements are coming! I think they’re trying to fool everyone.

  3. whoiam

    Pull the trigger is not the term I would use, the buzz is dead. As this have something to do with lemonade, I think pop fizzle would be more appropriate term. Danity Kane are struggling to sell out their small venue tour, DK update accounts have tweeted that the NYC show had sold out & DK 1st show in SF have a small amount of tickets left but the remaining 11 shows probably have many tickets left. Mark I disagree with you Aundrea is the best vocalist in DK, she is the lead. I know Aubrey is the DK fans fav but she cannot replace Aundrea, Aubrey is vocally weak. All 4 are there this just a PR stunt to get some buzz going, it has worked within their fanbase but are the general public taking any notice. I doubt it, Best of luck on this new era.

    • MARK

      I understand your argument, aundrea is an amazing singer, one of my favorites in DK after Dawn but if she doesn’t want to be a part of the group anymore no one can force her. It’s not fair to the other girls to stop what they all spent so much time and money on because of her. And in regards to the tour they have to rebuild their fanbase, this is just the start i feel like once the tour starts and videos are posted online more people will buy for the other dates because until yesterday people where expecting the DKLA (only 1 new song) show all over again. Destiny’s child went through it and i believe if DK delivers great songs and amazing performances they will be successful as 3 or 4.

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