Kylie Minogue Teases Her Bustling “I Was Gonna Cancel” Video: Watch

May 14th, 2014 // 5 Comments
Kylie Remixed
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A thirty second preview of Kylie Minogue‘s “I Was Gonna Cancel” video surfaced online a couple of days ago and the footage has finally found its way to YouTube. The snippet finds the Australian pop icon singing the song in the middle of a bustling crowd. She previously used the same concept for a much-maligned live performance at the Logies.

There’s nothing fancy about the set-up but the simplicity and retro styling evoke iconic Fever-era visuals like “Come Into My World” and “Love At First Sight”, which is a very good thing. “I Was Gonna Cancel” remains something of a curiosity. The song is cute enough but it’s hard to imagine it being picked as a single without the Pharrell connection. (He produced it). Watch the preview after the jump.

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[Via Digital Spy].

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  1. Finona

    I’m disappointed :( So far, the visuals for kiss me once have been so illustrious and rich… This seems so watered down and dull. Granted, it’s a mere 30 seconds we’re looking at here, but even so, not at all what I was expecting and/or hoping for. This track has HUGE potential in the states as far as I’m concerned. I hope the video doesn’t squander it.

  2. I want a “Get Outta My Way” 2.0

  3. MusicManDave

    I am totally dizzy!!!!!

  4. Love it. I love the pale blue, and desaturated, airy tone to the film. Well art directed. And the classic Kylie steccato choreography. I’m almost getting a little “Slow” thing going on. Like “Slow” for the everyday person.

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