Mariah Carey’s “Thirsty” Hook Was Lifted From Purple Crush? The Pop Duo Certainly Thinks So

Mariah Carey‘s Elusive Chanteuse campaign finally hit its stride when endlessly quotable club-banger “Thirsty” dropped earlier this week. It’s just what the world wants from Mimi — a flawless vocal, slick production (courtesy of Hit-Boy) and an insanely catchy hook. Only, Los Angeles-based duo Purple Crush claim the diva stole the latter from their similarly-titled 2013 single.

The synth-poppers, who memorably sued Lady Gaga’s former manager/producer Rob Fusari for allegedly using their work on Born This Way, spotted the similarities between their “Thirsty” and Mariah’s, and posted a side-by-side comparison on their Instagram. The hook is the same but, then again, it’s only two words — so it could just be a coincidence? See Purple Crush’s Insta-update after the jump and decide for yourself.

Purple Crush’s “Thirsty” video from 2013:

Was the band ripped off or this just a coincidence? Give your verdict in the comments below.

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  • Jess

    Um, what? The hooks share 1 word. LOL! The fools are trying it. Plus, didn’t Mariah actually record her song like 2 years ago? Maybe she should sue them.


    honestly that 50 year old madonna wannabe is so pathetic. So Mariah is at fault for saying one word??? Thirsty? go back to the 80s with your tired as tutu skirt #girlbye

  • Aaron

    Oh please, Mariah would never copy anyone especially these pathetic artists. They are simply attempting to generate publicity for the release of their album. Mariah’s song, which is ultimately the best of the two, says “Ugh you thirsty” and Purple Crush or says “Ugh Ugh I’m thirsty.” Purple Crush is “UGH UGH Pathetic!”

  • Daniela

    Purple Crush is just thirsty for attention. Get them outta here!

  • EM

    Why would anyone copy such an awful song like Purple Crush’s “Thirsty”….?

  • Jbunny

    Who is Purple Crush? LOL

  • MRNGpar

    These idiots are well, just that, idiots. Only thing similar between these two songs is the word “thirsty.” Next thing you know they are going to say Beyonce copied them for saying “Love” in one of her songs….. SUCH IDIOTS!!

  • MRNGpar

    LMFAO these fools only have 600 followers on twitter, and aren’t even certified. Then again, I don’t think anyone has ever heard of them… Mariah obv didn’t copy them.

  • LambsoftheWRLD

    Mariah Carey has sold over 250 million albums worldwide, has 18 #1 hits on the Billboard Top 100 Charts, 9 multiplatinum albums, has 5 Grammy awards, 32 Billboard Music awards, 21 American Music Awards, spent 79 weeks at #1, has two songs of the decades 90′s and 00s, 5 octave range, 12 BET Awards, BMI Icon Award, will receive the WMA Pop Icon Award, is Artist of the Millennium, 224 #1 records across ALL Billboard charts, Guinness World Records named her “Songbird Supreme”, she is a producer, actress, and songwriter…….. Idolator should be ashamed of themselves for posting such a ridiculous story. It’s evident all Purple Crap wants is publicity because they know they wouldn’t get it any other way.

    • Michael Larche

      *sings in the style of The Art Of Letting Go* Evidently their thirsty for publicity.

  • Jack

    I effing love Mariah but this song is garbage. Please don’t let it be a single. We need a new “Fantasy.”

  • candyrain

    Clearlly Mariah copeed them. Its best song I have ever herd in my life. I want to copy it to. Im thirsty,

  • Bastian

    Stay PRESSED “Purple Crush”

    Bitter that no one wants to listen to your crap song.

  • Lil’ Lord Fauntleroy

    To quote Mariah,

    “Why you try so damn hard?
    Now you’re just thirsty for celebrity”

  • Island Planet

    Here’s how it goes down. Mariah walks into the studio where a gang of writers and producers are waiting to pitch their ideas for songs. One of them has heard this purple crush garbage, maybe worked on it with them, and feeds it to Mariah. Mariah squeaks out a few words into a microphone and takes half the ‘writing’ credit. Then, because she had exactly zero creative input in ‘her own’ song, she gets blindsided by the rip off of another ‘artist’.

  • me

    “Thirsty” by PC sounds far too much like Madonna’s Vogue or Express Yourself for them to be claiming any sort of copying. My neigbour said they were thirsty last week…..maybe I should sue!

  • The Truth

    The only thing the same is that they both said the word “Thirsty.” They are beyond reaching with that. ITs sad how a band attempts to make a name for themselves is by bringing attention to their alleged work

  • Me. I am Mariah

    Looooooooolll The songs sound NOTHING alike. Please go back to hibernation, y’all definitely sound THIRSTY for attention

  • Nerdy Frames

    Look…..we all like our Mariah but I also like Purple Crush. They do make a solid argument. Just ask Lady Gaga!

  • Jayk

    I love how Purple Crush (I have met the woman from that group and she was not very pleasant) is trying to say Mariah “copied” them, when, frankly, the two hooks are completely diffferent (oh no! they both used the same word!) when the production and vocals in Purple Crush’s song sound very similar to Madonna.

  • maya g

    Huh? This isn’t even a coincidence…the hooks sound nothing alike! The word Thirsty? I’m lost…

  • Brandon Phillips

    I’m sure Mariah is like the rest of us and asking herself, “Who or what is a Purple Crush?” and “How do you steal…nothing?”

  • Richard30

    I have heard both songs and found no similarity especially the beat of both song. I think Mariah should sue them instead. The only similarity of both both songs is they both used the same verse “I’m Thirsty” over and over again.

  • Jeremy

    purple who?