‘American Idol’ Finalists Caleb Johnson & Jena Irene Release Debut Singles: Listen

Last night (May 15), Jena Irene and Caleb Johnson learned they’d been voted into the American Idol season 13 finale, and today the show has released the two finalists’ debut singles, ahead of next week’s finale where they’ll perform the tracks live for the first time.

Caleb’s debut single is called “As Long As You Love Me” (maybe trying to piggyback on some of that Bieber search traffic?) and was written by Justin Hawkins of The Darkness, with production from Howard Benson. (Hawkins also wrote “Music Again” for Adam Lambert‘s first album.) As you can guess, it’s a strutting studio rocker, full of wailing vocal theatrics.

As for Jena, her single is “We Are One,” written by Anne Preven, Felicia Barton and Mitch Allan , with Allan handling production. It’s a glossy pop stomper, with Irene roaring like Katy Perry before an impressive Kelly Clarkson-like finish.

Hear the new songs below, and be sure to watch part one of the finale on Tuesday.

Whose single do you like better? Let us know in the comments.

  • Michael Swanson

    Caleb’s song is awesome. Really like it. Great job by the writer.

  • BJ


  • Ana

    I am not a fan of either finalist…I was rooting for Sam who would have given Idol a fresh teen idol type of fan base or Alex who was just really unique in theSimon & GArfunkel sort of way. But listening to both of these songs, I thoroughly enjoyed the one of Caleb’s. I didn’t bother to finish the one of Jena….got bored less than one third through. Caleb, though a rocker and not my genre, can sings….and when he did mellow and tender in the show, his voice shone even more. Jena , on the other hand, when you hear her once, then you’ve heard her full stop. Nice strong voice but unidimensional. Am rooting for Caleb here..and hope he mixes rock with gentler croons as well.

  • Spaska Angelova

    My favorite-Caleb Johnson – “As Long As You Love

  • Jerry Krause

    This is why I like Caleb and why he has won over the other contestants. To begin with he has earned his spot on the stage. He does understand harmony, melody, rhythm and the whole package that makes a true musician; and through his performance conveys that to the audience. His “secret weapon” has been that he listens and focuses not only when the judges are talking to him but to whoever they are talking to (as if talking to him), and he then applies it as if using a paint brush on canvass. Caleb Johnson has musical ability and just as strong the ability to put on a good show that makes him truly entertaining. It is easy to get taken in during his performances. I think in judging a contestant on a show like American Idol what really counts is stage presence which includes all the above. Unfortunately, none of the other contestants have been able to match Caleb on that, not even close. In my opinion, that is why he is going to be this season’s American Idol winner.

  • Jerry Krause

    Great song and song perfectly by Caleb, “As Long As You Love Me.”

  • Jerry Krause

    A music winner. Thanks, Caleb!

  • Jerry Krause

    What we have left are Team Rock and Team Bubble Gum. For me it is a no brainer. Caleb!!!