5 Seconds Of Summer Are Adorkable Masked Avengers In New “Don’t Stop” Video: Watch

5 Seconds of Summer has debuted the movie trailer-inspired video for its iTunes hit, “Don’t Stop.” The rising Australian pop-punk boy band pose as masked avengers, though they also act their age. Before 5 Seconds leaps into action, each member pulls out his superhero costume from their parents’ garage, a dresser drawer and the laundry hamper. If “Don’t Stop” was made into an actual feature, it would probably be a blockbuster.

Throughout, it’s easy to see why 5 Seconds of Summer will open for One Direction later this year. Like all boy bands, they sing of pining for puppy love convincingly. Much like the U.K. sensations (and filmmaker Morgan Spurlock‘s current muses) themselves, they will likely win over hearts with their “Don’t Stop” video because it features them just being adorkable boys. But they also have a unique-to-them selling point, too: They’re Simple Plan with even less angst, which was impossible to imagine until now.

Is that a good thing? Alternative Press recently made an intriguing argument saying that yes, it can be for pop-punk. “Think about it. When’s the last you heard a pop-punk band (that wasn’t Fall Out Boy) have mainstream radio success? It’s been a while,” writer Matt Crane said. Paramore, last seen at Wango Tango, has experienced a lot of radio success recently too, but still — that makes for only two bands, and both of their success stories were largely overlooked even after critics started wondering about the genre’s wellbeing again.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves – do 5 Seconds of Summer have a bonafide hit with its “Don’t Stop” video? Watch up top, then sound off in the comments below.

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