Britney Spear’s “Alien” Has Been Beautifully Remixed By Producer William Orbit: Listen

How do you solve a problem like Britney Jean? The answer, it turns out, is by letting William Orbit go back and fix other people’s mistakes. The English producer contributed “Alien” to the generally disastrous LP but wasn’t happy with the final edit. After taking some Twitter jabs at, he simply let his work do the talking and casually knocked out the best Britney Spears song since “Til The World Ends”.

This isn’t so much a remix as a rebirth. Orbit’s new edit is almost unfathomably better then the cut that made the album. The extended introduction lends the song an eerily beautiful sensibility, while Brit’s vocal no longer sounds like it was recorded on an iPhone. Instead, the diva’s delivery is soft, pretty and suitably otherworldly. Listen to the new and vastly improved version of “Alien” after the jump.

Do you prefer this version of “Alien” to the one on the album? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Whatthehell

    Holy Sh*t. If I were Will I am i would be sooooo embarrassed. William Orbit just school the hell out of him!

  • Justin SanDiego

    I like it a lot, just not sure if i like it more… I feel this faster pace version takes the emotion out of the original version. Reminds me of 90′s Madonna (Don’t tell me and Beautiful stranger)

  • Daniels Velks

    Here are the YouTube link, enjoy listening.
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  • Marianne Fong

    This sounds like Britney when she first started singing live e.g. opening for “Walmart” or when she’s allow by her handlers to sing a few ballads live. Britney Spears does have a “pretty” voice. That’s the voice I prefer (e.g. her Album the Zone attempted this sound but after not getting her usual sales number the reverted back to that more machinized sound–her voice getting altered. I’ve heard her since Leather and Lace live on a doc video and then hear how changed it was on the album. Such a shame. Love Britney’s real voice. Orbit brings back some of that sound that is Britney’s real voice. Perhaps as a much older adult fan that is why I prefer her real (mature) sounding voice to the one they try making into what they perceive as a young girl’s voice which I don’t care for.

  • Feer Domm

    :/ pff… totally rather the original version!! hope anyone hears this desillusional thing

  • William Anthony McGillivray

    Yes this is perfect. First Britney song I’ve liked……ever?