Will.i.am Debuts New Song “Birthday”: Listen

Will.i.am has released a new song, “Birthday.” The song will be available for download on July 6. Can you tell how excited we are about this?

For this, the producer has teamed with a hefty roster of collaborators. DJ Ammo co-produced the song, after having worked on Black Eyed PeasThe Beginning, Sean Paul‘s “Touch the Sky” and Britney Spears“Tik Tik Boom.” Producer Keith Harris (Robin Thicke, Madonna) helped write it. So did the song’s teenaged vocalist, Cody Wise, who has worked with Gamble & Huff (!) and will release a debut LP executive-produced by will.i.am himself, to be released on Interscope.

But the most interesting of them all may be A.R. Rahman, the Indian film composer behind Slumdog Millionaire‘s soundtrack and recent Iggy Azalea collaborator.

“Renowned for his immense range, he’ll do a traditional score for a conventional film, then blend exotic vocals with Japanese music and Western classical arrangements in his next project,” Top Chef‘s Padma Lakshimi wrote of him for the 2009 TIME 100. Before he earned international recognition (and hung out with Wale), though, Rahman would receive national acclaim for his work on the 1994 film Kadhalan. Will.i.am’s “Birthday” samples from and adapts the melody from one of the soundtrack’s songs, “Urvasi Urvasi.”

Hear “Birthday” and its inspiration, “Urvasi Urvasi,” below.

  • NO NO NO

    I’m sorry but I want that two minutes I spent on listening to this crap back.

    Dear Will.I.Am you better come up with something new (this also applies to your single and album covers).

  • xSushi

    Will.I.Am need to go away.

  • aerogens

    Goodness, I can’t believe there are people who still love his music. After that flop #willpower album and the fiasco that was Britney Jean, he’s lost all credibility in my eyes. What happened to the good ‘ole Black Eyed Peas days?

  • stan

    The base tune was a super hit melody twenty years back by by Indian composer A.R Rahman for the film Kadhalan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCRq6O4PkEo

  • Arvind

    Who cares about Will.I.Am, A.R.Rahman FTW

  • stu

    original Urvasi is awsome.

  • indie

    he ruined the song

  • Godcake

    Melody seems watered down into kiddy sounds and vocally disabled autotune. The selfish lyrics about his own birthday and how he spends his money has ruined the potential of the song. Then, you have a lyrical vibe suggesting that he’s proud of the cheap girly drinks in the bar that is embarassing to listen to. it’s aimed at innocent

  • C.C. Perth, Australia

    It’s My Birthday. This is a turd, without any sprinkles. What a dull song, the lyrics are depressing and the music would put a toddler to sleep. Yawn.