Michael Jackson Becomes The First Solo Artist To Land Top 10 Hits In 5 Different Decades

Just when you thought Michael Jackson has run out of records to break, the King of Pop made history again today (May 21) when Justin Timberlake-assisted disco anthem “Love Never Felt So Good” climbed into the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100. The much-missed music legend became the first artist to land top 10 hits in five different decades.

The Xscape hitmaker scored his first top 10 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 with “Got To Be There” in 1971 and revisited the upper reaches of the chart regularly over the next 30 years. Michael reached the top 10 for the last time (while he was alive) with Invincible lead single “You Rock My World” in 2003. Given the advances in technology and MJ’s enduring popularity, it’s not unfathomable that he could extend his streak in decades to come. Watch “Love Never Felt So Good” after the jump.

Will Michael’s latest record ever be beaten? Have your say in the comments below.

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  • John

    I can’t picture anyone beating that record, but I can think of two people who could tie it: Mariah Carey and Justin Timberlake.

    • Mary Sinner

      JT maybe but Mariah no, also Madonna can do this..she had top 10 hits in 4 decades…and im sure she will still making music until 2020

    • Barbra Raica

      Yes, JOHN you are absolutely right. Michael Jackson will never be dethroned! We (are more many) we cherish Michael Jackson and we give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, who is the King of Pop! And we believe that Beyonce, JT… Lorde could become a big star. Bey & JT & MC are already famous artists and highly rated! Absolutely all talented, valuable artists deserve our respect, our love!
      In the entire world there existed only one hero, idol, an entire universe of originality, an creative exceptional mastery, of a personality and a beauty of naturally rare human among us all humans on this planet! For us Michael Jackson was, is and will remain (be) the best, biggest and most revered artist, model, icon between all the other great humans in history of the entire world!

  • Spaska Angelova

    I love this song with Michael JT! Beautiful song!
    JT forever № 1 in the world for me, the best ..
    I love JT!

  • Jacques

    Well… Might be an achievement for Billboard. Cliff Richard had a number one hit in the UK in 5 consecutive decades. Don’t even like CR that much, just sayin’.

  • Glenda

    I could of sworn that record was beaten by Cher not too long ago. Anyone, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, not sure about the exact dates.

    • Andy Owala

      cher has only had it in the 60′s to 90′s so 4 times and i doubt she will beat it judging that she hasnt had one since 1999 and probably wont get another top single

  • Paul Mathezing

    Have you ever heard of Cliff Richard?

  • Paula

    Sir Cliff Richard beat MJ on that one years ago! He surely was the first to have this record.

  • Suzette stephens

    Think you need to get your facts right Sir Cliff Richard was the first not Michael Jackson ….I am a fan of both but this needs to be put right

  • Evelyn McNamara

    Sorry to burst your bubble but CLIFF Richard had NO1 hits in 5 consecutive decades and Top ten hits in 6 Consecutive Decades….. As much as I love Michael Jackson you CANNOT take this accolade away from CLIFF !!!!!!!

    • Robert

      Cliff has not done so in America,so as far as their concerned it is of no consequence.Sad but true.

      • Jo


        In that case the title should read
        “Michael Jackson Becomes The First Solo Artist In America To Land Top 10 Hits In 5 Different Decades”
        So we are all correct as Cliff was most definitely the first!
        Not sad, and most definitely true!

  • Jo

    I think you’ll find that Cliff Richard achieved this some time ago!!!

  • Tanika Ray

    Can yall please kill yourselves. Fk a cliff,cher,justin,mariah Michael is the greatest hands down. The king returns and the jealousy starts again.

    • tricia

      At least Sir Cliff WAS and still is first, and also still alive to prove it.
      Michael may HAVE been the greatest but now he is a WAS. You can’t beat the facts however you might like to.

    • Gina Bova

      Tankia THANK YOU! And AMEN to that! No one will EVER be as big as he was (is), not only as an artist but as such a humble loving person that effect the WORLD with his love and generosity! When he passed I’ve never saw anything like.. The WORLD actually became silent!.. Amazing!

  • Gina Bova

    Tankia I agree with you 150% THANK YOU!

  • sam
  • Eric_Henry

    Cher has had a top ten single in 6 different decades…it’s just a fact. And before she had a top ten single in 6 decades she had a top ten in 5 decades, before MJ did.

  • Elaine Marten

    Sir Cliff Richard beats him well, as has been said, AND Sir Cliff was doing it when you had to sell a million records to get a gold, not 100,000 records….He and The Shadows used to sell 100,000 A DAY. Not saying I don’t like Michael, but someone needs to get their facts straight..Sir Cliff didn’t just get ‘top 10′s’, he had #1′s in every decade for 5 decades, and if you go by sales alone, he had 6 #1′s in 6 decades. He is known and still tours around the world, so just because he may not be that well known in the US doesn’t really mean anything, atm he is continuing a busy European tour, and he is still alive and doesn’t get airplay….imagine the continuous records he would set if he did get airplay!

  • Ivo

    They’re talking about the Billboard Hot 100 chart here, so Michael is the first and only one to achieve this, so please stop with this Cliff Richard

  • Conrado

    Cher is close behind with Top 10 hits in 4 decades!

  • Mary Sinner

    Idiots we talking abot top 10 in USA…And if Madonna still making music until 2020 she will tie it for sure

  • trisha101

    MJ will always be #1, always be the King of Pop and will always be #1 to millions of fans around the world. His legacy will love forever.