‘American Idol’: Caleb Johnson Wins Season 13

Well, this is something of a surprise! Jena Irene was favored to win season 13 of American Idol (at least according to social media commentators) but Caleb Johnson walked away victorious. The 23-year-old from Asheville, North Carolina also made history as the first hard rock/heavy metal singer to win the talent show. Congratulations!

While ratings have been down this season, American Idol finally delivered the goods with a spectacular finale. There were killer performances by judge Jennifer Lopez, Disney diva Demi Lovato and even a duet by Ryan Seacrest and ’80s pop icon Richard Marx. Check back tomorrow for a full recap of tonight’s (may 21) show but watch Caleb’s winner’s single “As Long As You Love Me” in the meantime. Find it after the jump.

Did Caleb deserve the title or was Jena robbed? Have your say in the comments below.

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  • sw

    Why on earth would you name the winner when the finale hasn’t finished on the west coast?!?! Every other report headline simply says “winner announced”..have you ever heard the tern “spoiler alert”!?!

    • Chris

      Have you ever thought not to look up anything pertaining to the show on the internet while watching the finale? It’s not a movie, it’s a live show. There’s no need for a spoiler alert.. I just now watched the finale 3 days after the show aired and I had no idea who won.

  • mgt

    Caleb absolutely is the American Idol. I knew from the very beginning he would be the winner. Congratulations Caleb. Jena was not even a close shot.

  • sissy

    Congratulations to Caleb. I do have to comment on the very unclassy display of Jennifer Lopez’s dress choice in her performance. This is about teenagers and trying to be the most naked on the show is, in my opinion, not appropriate for this show. We need another female judge to be a real leader to these young people. The male judges were fabulous. Go away J Lo and exploit yourself someplace else. Like on an adult show.

    • joyce fluitt

      I thought I was the only one who thought that way too. She needs and wants all the attention if I were Harry’s wife I would not like the way she acts.

  • Linda

    Caleb deserved to win. He has a spectacular stage presence and great voice.

  • KO

    AI GOT IT RIGHT! Hey — I’m 50+ (and stopped watching your show after Paula and Simon left). Yet — was told to watch the FINALE. BOTH singers COULD ACTUALLY SING (which, in the past, wasn’t the case.)

    However, CALEB was a complete throw-back to the 70′s/80′s rockers that I saw LIVE — and they HAD to be able to REALLY SING as the technology wasn’t what it is now (i.e. Eagles, BIlly Joel, Ted Nugent, Steve Miller Band, Stines, etc.) — he’s almost like a young Ozzie Osbourne!

    Thus — I’d always heard Randy Jackson ‘lament’ that a rocker didn’t win — but was SO GLAD to see Randy embrace Caleb — as Randy got his rocker — and I really think Caleb can ‘shake up’ REAL rock and roll — i.e. bring it back in a new way that’ll appeal to those ‘younger’ than myself. REAL rock and roll is PRICELESS!

    AI has got my interest and viewership back.. THANK YOU for getting such EXCELLENT finalists — and CALEB!

  • Lisa

    I think Caleb or Jena both could have been the winner; they are both awesome! Really happy that Caleb won though :) I was secretly pulling for him, but love Jena as well. They are both so different, but equally as talented!

  • Carrie Carlson

    CALEB is one of the best winners of AI. Pure talent, showmanship and presence. He controlled the stage from day one.

    I had stopped watching AI for several years already as the contestants were getting boring and one day as I was channel surfing on the TV, I caught him singing SKYFALL which made me sat up and said “WOW” and I was back on the bandwagon again. Go Caleb!

  • Linda

    Delighted Caleb won,most excitng singer I have heard in a long while. Amazing that he can take anybodys rock songs and sing it as good as them. If not better.Do hope we will be able to buy his music in the uk.