Richard Marx Returns With A Vengeance: Watch The Pop Veteran’s “Whatever We Started” Video

Idolator Premiere
It’s been a big week for Richard Marx and his signature ballad “Right Here Waiting”. Jake Worthington performed the 1989 chart-topper on Monday’s (May 19) episode of The Voice, while the pop veteran delighted viewers by belting out the song — with Ryan Seacrest, no less! — on last night’s American Idol finale. But enough with the nostalgia. The 50-year-old has a new album on the way and we’re excited to premiere the video for lead single “Whatever We Started”.

The first thing you notice about Richard’s new tune is how current the production sounds. “Whatever We Started” is very much grounded in the here and now with subtle synths and tasteful strings finding a home on the moody soundscape. It’s a great fit for the hitmaker’s silky smooth vocal and he croons artfully about the grey area between lovers and friends. As for the video? It finds the ’80s icon contemplating life in a hotel room. Watch up top.

Richard’s new LP Beautiful Goodbye is due on July 8. Let us know what you think of his new single/video in the comments below.

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  • Cathy

    WOW!! i love it!!! I have always been a big fan and knew one day he would come back. Thank you for not proving me wrong :).

  • Rina

    Love it all!… The song, the arrangement, the video and most of all…you! Wonderful look, great voice and lyrics! All the very best…looking forward to the day the album comes out!



  • Lisa Johnson

    I have played this over and over all day…such a great song and I can’t wait for the album to come out! Way to go Richard! Love it!

  • Karen T


  • Sharon Murphree Hammond

    Perfect, sexy, moody, hot! There ya go…I more than love it…I have been a fan since 88′ and time has only made you better…and you are sexy as hell!!! Pre-orded it already…Thank you!

  • Tammy D

    OMG! I absolutely love it and love Richard Marx!! I’ve been a fan for a very long time. You haven’t changed a bit, except just maybe a little cuter!! Keep the songs coming.

  • dee

    richard marx never fail to deliver always loved the amazing voice and this song is so gr8…btw u still look hot :)

  • Luca Foto Glam

    Another #newsong #newmusic from @richardmarx available to download on @iTunesMusic Whatever We Started – #iTunes

  • chaos

    sexy and powerful.
    love this song…………..

  • littlepea

    Good song but in light of the recent divorce announcement by Richard and his wife, this song makes me feel sad about the end of such a lasting relationship.

  • Nancy

    The song was awesome

  • poncet

    une merveille vraiment je suis fan et je le reste sa voix est magnifique sa musique un bien être pour mes oreilles de la vraie musique enfin et dans le clip il a énormément de charme je le suis depuis le début je persiste et signe c’est le meilleur il passe les années et j’apprécie d’avantage sa musique merci richard beau cadeau pour les fans

  • Luanne Thulstrup

    Hey, it’s Richard Marx, what’s not to love?! This man is rolling out one sexy album. Thank you, Richard! Looking forward to hearing all of the tracks!!

  • Sue

    WOW! OMG! Already ordered the album. Can’t wait to hear the rest!

  • Shan

    Loved him in the 80′s. Fell in love all over again with his new release. Reminds of a period in my life that still takes my breath away when I think of it.

  • Ru

    Fantastic song!

  • W Kent Brown

    Love It!

  • Federico

    Strange to here Richard in a pop/ disco song like this. Absolutely modern, but is it Richard? I´’ve always been a huge fan of Marx ever since his first selt titled album “Richard Marx” back in 1987. Not sure this is the way to go, but sure it’s a good tune :-).

  • LL

    I wish I wasn’t so drawn to play this over and over day after day but like everyone else I am it is so hot! sexy! passionate! You are gorgeous, sexy, handsome, hot, with a beautiful voice, passion, great skill to communicate, and great ability to create beautiful music! All the best to you!