Adam Lambert Is Conspicuously Absent From Avicii’s “Lay Me Down” Video: Watch

Where's Adam?
While we wait for Avicii to select the follow-up to top 20 smash “Hey Brother” in America, the Swedish hitmaker is already rolling out the fifth single from True internationally. He opted for “Lay Me Down” — a disco-infused floorfiller, which was co-penned by Chic legend Nile Rodgers and voiced by Adam Lambert. Unfortunately, they are both absent from the video.

It’s disappointing because the DJ has gone above and beyond to deliver great visuals this era. (Highlights include the “Addicted To You” lego alternate video and his wild “Wake Me Up” animated adventure). Don’t get me wrong. “Lay Me Down” is still worth a look but it could have been so much better. Watch Avicii do his thing behind the decks up top.

Would the video be better with Adam? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Judy

    Of course it would be better with Adam Even if he was just on stage singing the song. It would be so exciting to see both him and Nile in this video. Oh well, at least we can still hear his awesome voice.

  • Lynn

    Yes, it would have been better with even just a little shot of Adam Lambert. They lyrics do match the video quite well though. BTW, Adam has the majority credit for writing the song, not just singing it

  • Wanda

    Lambert fans already know that Adam, Nile and Tim collaborated on this track. Release it to radio and DJs will say it’s Lay Me Down by Avicii. Radio listeners will be pleasantly surprised when they love the song and find out it’s Adam singing. Spring it on an unsuspecting audience!

  • Jason

    Lay Me Down is written by Avicii, Nile Rodgers and Adam Lambert. Please correct your article.

  • Guest

    Ummm, are you familiar with Avicii and his videos? The only one that had a glimpse of the vocalist was Wake Me Up & that was because he actually premiered it with Aloe in Miami. Has a 3 second shot of him! As a matter of fact, I think this is the first video that Avicii has put himself into!

  • Kay Davis

    The next single for US Radio is “Addicted to Love”. It was announced a couple weeks ago and goes to Top 40 radio on June 3, 2014.

    Regarding your article, I think you are being unfair to Avicii. He has talked about Adam in almost every interview about the album and this rack. He does not put vocalists in his videos, so only someone who did not know much about Avicii would write something like this.

    Avicii and Adam have worked together since the recorded LMD. I hope that they continue to make great songs like LMD.

  • Kay Davis

    Also Adam Lambert co-wrote LMD, please update your article.

  • Casandra Ann

    We know Aviici doesn’t put the vocalist in his videos but i would have prefer a theme video like Addicted to you. I hope this mistake doesn’t affect the popularity of this song that should have been the second single cause is SO GOOD!!!

  • Jason Lin

    Here’s the album version video WITH Adam Lambert

  • Lily Zallian

    Adam Lambert also co wrote Lay Me Down. In fact, he wrote most of the lyrics in 35 minutes. Adam talks about it with Ryan Seacrest in this part of their Nov. 7, 2013 interview:
    [video-embed url="https%3A//"]

  • Xentafy Zenber

    I like the special effects that Avicii uses, but yeah this song should definitely have included Nile and Adam in the video. Adam also penned some of the lyrics by the way. Most of them from what I understand. Avicii and Nile wrote the music and started the lyrics and Nile called Adam and he finished writing and sang it. You can tell those are Adam’s lyrics by the style :-).

  • Xentafy Zenber

    I think Avicii is amazing by the way, no slight to him. I love that Avicii and Adam and Nile worked together and hope they do more cause I love this song. Just would love to have had a cameo of Adam and Nile in the video, at least a little anyway.

  • Lily

    Good way to get comments from Adam’s fans isn’t it. Just mention that Adam is missing. There, you got my comment too.

  • Dara lambert

    Lay me down in darkness ! This song so better, I wanna to watch video by Adam lambert ….please…:)

  • sinc

    Watch Adam perform Lay Me Down–live –at this link. Incredible!

  • Dinahhmite

    U are JOKING right?????? Of COURSE it would be better! EVERYTHING is betterer w Adam! DUH…. :O

  • Jaqui

    Co Penned but you didn’t mention the other writer. Adam and Niles wrote LMD, not Avicci, he doesn’t write and he doesn’t sing. He adds beats and mixes a little, his producer does the most of the mixing and Avicci takes all the word of mouth credit. Adam & Niles get writers credit in legal matters.

  • Jaqui

    No way to edit or delete so I’ll write a correction. Nile Rodgers, not Niles. As far as Avicci, that was intentional, he doesn’t give anyone credit and that’s lame. Aloe Blacc made it clear that he wrote Wake Me Up by re-releasing & doing well with it. He wasn’t happy about not receiving any album credit for writing and singing & neither were his fans. Aviici, go back to using samples, everyone knows you didn’t write or sing those.