Justin Bieber Teases New Song “It’s Working”: Listen

Justin Bieber teased a new song that has fans both elated and concerned. “You know exactly what you do to hurt me / It’s working, it’s working,” he sings, in a track titled “It’s Working” on his iTunes player.

Compared to recent material like the downtrodden “Hard2FaceReality,” Bieber sounds particularly anguished here. It’s a change of pace that Beliebers are particularly excited to hear, though for every ten fans who compliment him, there’s one echoes ‘dadanunes08’ – “I Wanted so much… you two together again :(”

Of course, she’s referring to when he was dating Selena Gomez, who has had an off year but now claims to be “taking my power back.” (She hasn’t specified how she’ll be doing so just yet.) And indeed, it’s hard not to hear “It’s Working” without thinking of all the young couple had been through. Hear a teaser of Bieber’s new song after the jump. 

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