O-Town Return With “Skydive”: Listen To The Boy Band’s Comeback Single

May 28th, 2014 // 1 Comment
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O-Town Skydive single cover art

A thousand years ago — so, in 2005 — when Backstreet Boys returned from a break in music, they signaled their comeback not with a bombastic Max Martin-produced pop bombshell, but rather with the dramatic mid-tempo single “Incomplete.” It marked a page-turn for the maturing Boys, and the newly-reunited O-Town, now minus Ashley Parker Angel, take a page out of that book with their new offering “Skydive.”

The track is the man band’s first single in 11 years, and it kicks off their campaign for upcoming album Lines & Circles (out August 3). “Skydive” thankfully swerves away from dated EDM gimmickry and hip hop lite fare. Instead, it relies on the quartet’s still-potent vocal abilities and piano-and-synth-driven instrumentation.

Give the song a listen below and see if you think O-Town 2.0 are poised for big things in 2014.

[Via MTV News]

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    Lovely voice and song

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