Nicki Minaj’s “Pills N Potions” Video: Watch Her Get Emotional & Go Topless In A Preview Clip

Nicki Minaj Pills N Potions video
Nicki's Smokin'
Hey, don’t forget — Nicki Minaj released a new single last month! Onika’s anguished Dr. Luke ballad “Pills N Potions” — which, let’s face it, plays like “Wrecking Ball”-lite — might not exactly be blowing gals like Iggy, Ariana and Katy out of the water, but perhaps the music video will turn the single’s chart fortunes around? We’ll find out after it premieres this Monday (June 9).

Until then, all fans of hip-pop’s Queen Barb will have to make due with the above 46-second preview of the Diane Martel-directed “Pills N Potions” visual. Here, Game co-stars as Nicki smokes a cigarette, cries a flood of liquid mercury tears and poses topless, all while seeming somehow way more dressed-down and au naturale than in her previous, candy-colored “Starships” days.

Watch a sneak pick of the “Pills N Potions” video above, and let us know what you think of it below!

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  • Cher

    Considering this isn’t a “Starships,” “Super Bass,” or even a “Moment 4 Life” type of song, I see the song as being a grower. It’s already at #42 on the Top 100 after being at #47 last week and that’s a vast improvement on her previous singles like “High School.” Most songs drop without after its debut week without much airplay or a music video, and it looks like her promo is just beginning. It may not reach the heights of “Fancy” or “Birthday,” but who knows? It looks to be more of a slow-burning hit. NIcki clearly isn’t out to be #1 anymore but seems to be wanting to earn more respect and that counts for a lot than having a hit single and then disappearing like most acts do.

  • SouthernGal

    @Cher, I wholeheartedly agree. The music Nicki is putting out this year is about maturity and growth. Besides using the ‘ n word” , I love the song. We’ve all been in a situation similar to what she’s talking about. The nerve the author had to say that the song is not blowing Iggy out of the water. Technically it is. What people fail to realize is that Iggy’s song has been out for 13 going on 14 weeks. PNP has only been out two and it’s already crashed the top 50 without video promo. Nicki has already proven that she can be number and still is number one in my opinion. She’s mentioned several times that this album is personal and exposes her life experiences the past two years. She’s not trying to be number one on the charts. Just because your song is number one on Billboard doesn’t mean that you’re a fan favorite. Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Drake neither have top ten records but are still some of the biggest artists out. Billboard don’t make an artist. Iggy still has way more to prove. I’ll take Nicki anyway. Robbie Daw, it sounds like you’re trying to throw shade and discredit Nicki and jump on the Iggy bandwagon. The New Classic has been out for some weeks, I think maybe 6-8 weeks and has sold only 110,000 copies. Need I remind you Pink Friday sold 375,000 it’s first week, so blowing Iggy out the water is no issue. There shouldn’t even be a comparison to Nicki and Ariana Grande. This is just my opinion.