Cheryl Cole’s “Crazy Stupid Love” Video: Watch Her Get Crazy Stupid In The Club

Cheryl Cole Crazy Stupid Love video
A Lump Of Cole
Let’s just get this out in the open: When stacked up with Cheryl Cole‘s previous lead singles from her albums — songs like “Fight For This Love,” “Promise This” and the outstanding, Calvin Harris-produced “Call My Name”“Crazy Stupid Love” is pretty much a sonic dud. I wish there was some way to sugar-coat that for you Cheryl fans out there, but, no, sorry — it’s just not a good single. At all.

The video doesn’t really help matters, as here Cole opts for the tired “werkin’ it in the club” concept. The whole thing feels like when you order pizza for delivery, then 40 minutes later it finally arrives and you’re super starving and so ready to dig into a few slices, but then you flip the box open to find three dead rats piled on top of a sawed-off hooker arm. Don’t you hate when that happens? That’s what this song and its accompanying video are like. Hooker arm.

Enjoy Cheryl’s latest above!

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  • Matthew

    God. Really well written review, very eloquent. I am so surprised that whoever wrote this article, doesn’t have a higher paying job. Good job Idolator, keep up the good work.

  • Preston

    Wow this was a fun summer song with a nice dance video. The reviewer Robbie Daw is an unprofessional idiot, don’t let his haterade ruin the party.

  • Quade Santana

    Dear Mr. Idolater, I can bet you are not a good critic at all.
    Cheryl Cole has done an amazing job with the incredible dance routine , the vocals perfectly fitting with the background music.
    Although for the title, the video is a bit ‘exceeding’ , still she has done a truly great job with video.
    Unlike those One Direction, and Justin Bieber , such artists actually put efforts into making a video and not just jump and bounce around to flaunt their boyish beauty. No offence, but you need to step up your critiqueness , or such artists won’t be encouraged to do a better job.

    • Areeba Shaikh

      I totally agree with you.

      Worst review ever! How can the reviewer even deny the reality which is, She has done a fabulous job with her comeback .. Her dance, Her singing.. Her energetic performance has completely swept me and other people off it’s feet. Please don’t ruin it by saying bullcrap which is not even true!

  • L.O.

    Christ, this campaign is already an unparalleled disaster.

  • Jonny

    I m a fan of Cheryl’s, but this is the worst thing shes ever brought out, no tune or melody, just a lot of drums and samba, trying to trade off the World Cup. Also uninspiring video. Overly commercial. Go back to being a artist, concentrate on the music, and you re a good dancer so we dont need to see you pouting overly sexually for the lads love, you re in your thirties now and it doesn’t wash, sorry. You can do better with all the cash you have made/will make off X Factor. Back to the drawing board, more of this sort of thing will end your career and I dont want to see that…..