Ibrawlator: Which Ex-Girl Group Starlet Has The Best New Single, Nicole Scherzinger Or Cheryl Cole?

Ibrawlator: Cheryl vs. Nicole
There has certainly been no shortage of contenders for this year’s potential Song Of The Summer 2014 — from Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea‘s “Problem” to Iggy and Charli XCX‘s “Fancy” to Jason Derulo‘s “Wiggle.”

But across the pond, two pop powerhouses — who also just happen to be former girl group starlets AND X Factor judges — served up their own contenders this week: The Pussycat DollsNicole Scherzinger with “Your Love,” and Girls Aloud‘s Cheryl Cole with “Crazy Stupid Love.”

For this week’s Ibrawlator, we want to know: Which kind of love do (doo-doo-do-da-doo!) you prefer? Did Cheryl’s crazy stupid abs win you over? Or did Scherzy’s sultry beachside manner have you falling deeper in love? Vote below.

Place your vote below. We’ll announce the winner right here on Wednesday, June 18.

UPDATE: Congratulations, Chezza! The soldiers have spoken!

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  • ohnonotcherylcole

    Nicole for sure.

  • davidsask

    If you are truly basing it on the music, its Nicole for the win!

  • Bảoo Đinh

    Music: Your Love
    Video: Your Love
    Everything: Nicole

  • Leon

    Cheryl Cole for me! Nicole’s song is great but the video is so disappointing, I expected more from her!

  • Douglas


  • Katy

    Only CHERYL

  • lil


  • Lil

    Nicole 100%

  • Madi

    Easily Cheryl!!

  • Kirsty Noble

    Esaily nicole scherzinger

  • Adey




  • André Barreto Alves

    Nicole my QUEEN!

  • Chuppy Mèo


  • Lisa


  • Izzy

    NICOLE :)

  • Ismail

    Nicole!Nicole!Nicole!!!!!My loooove……..

  • BB

    If you appreciate anything about music and real artist credibility – then Nicole is the winner. A true musician would not mime every single performance and take away all that there is about music by simply miming on stage to a pre-recorded track. Nicole always sings live – even after suffering from bulimia for a decade and having her vocals suffer for it, she sang live because that’s what she loves to do. Even though not every performance is perfect – she loves singing, that’s why she’s an artist, not just a performer. Cheryl simply sells because of her image.

  • Bryan

    Nicole Of Course

  • CC

    Team Cheryl! Nicole does have a nice song, but I think it is weak for her. She’s had stronger singles. If we’re talking about the video, Cheryl’s gets the vote. Better production, better choreography and quality. Cheryl has admitted to not having the best live vocals but that doesn’t mean she cant sing. She did win a singing competition in case you forgot. You know the one voted by the public if they think you’re good. It seems after Cheryl’s bad performance at Stand Up 2 Cancer, everyone assumes she mimes everything. And for BGT she was singing LIVE but that’s another story. People seem ‘disappointed’ with Cheryl’s single because they were expecting a Call My Name 2.0 but Cheryl did say she wanted to try something different. It’s not her fault everybody has certain expectations. IF she did release a Call My Name 2.0 people would of criticized her for not releasing something new and different so clearly she cant win with some of you guys. Overall, both great songs, but I will always stand by Cheryl.

  • Meghan

    NICOLE ! just watched her perform it for the first time on Alan Carr and she smashed it ! killer dance moves and live vocals unlike Cheryl BGT ! I think the production on Cheryl’s song sounds cheap don’t understand how people like it …

  • RAJA

    NICOLE !

  • Manfred Momm


  • ADEM


  • bgfigueiredo

    NIC !!!

  • Moba

    Cheryl all the way…

  • stickwitu


  • Bryan


  • Kadircan Erşahin

    Bi tek bizde mal yokmuş amk. Nicole sker atar.

  • Egle

    Cheryl COLE

  • heena

    Nicole nicole nicole

  • Joseph Chad Huntington Spence

    Nicole is just an all around better performer, I love them both though! Nicole’s song is more my speed, Cheryl’s isn’t as catchy.

  • Moni R.

    Nicole the BEST!!

  • Chica

    Cheryl is simply the best

  • Abhi


  • arash


  • Tash Chant


  • Anne


  • Viktor Volkov

    Nicole Scherzinger

  • Me

    Nicole my killer idol!!

  • Joyce Zammit Farrugia

    Stunning lady nicole

  • Joyce Zammit Farrugia

    gorges beautiful stunning star amazing sunshine nicole ly xx

  • nicole

    cheryl who have unıque beautiful sexy brunette nicole when nicole bomb like a like chick of course nicole for that conjecture here worth bie is indisputably your love

  • Amanda


  • Rica


  • Josh

    It was so obvious cheryl was gonna win, face it she SLAYSSSS! #QueenCheryl

  • Lidka

    Nicole winner !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tania


  • soussou

    nicole is the best