Nile Rodgers Says He’s Recording A Song With “Almost Everybody That’s Ever Sung With Me”

For most of  this year so far, Nile Rodgers has been working on a new Chic album. So far he’s confirmed that the record will feature present-day superstars, like David Guetta and Avicii. He’s also using old demos, from when he was working with David Bowie in 1983, as the record’s basis — what he calls the “Lost Chic Tapes.”

But as revealed today, the resurgent producer and guitarist also plans to have his past and present collide on one song. “I’m just finishing up a new song for CHIC that’s going to feature almost everybody that’s ever sung with me,” he said on Twitter. “I can’t wait to do that session.”

If production credits count, then “everybody” would include Michael Jackson, Paul Simon and Bob Dylan. Diana Ross, Duran Duran and INXS. It would include Madonna and Grace Jones. Pharrell and Daft Punk, certainly. Disclosure and Sam Smith. Adam Lambert. The mere thought of hearing everybody who’s sung with Rodgers, ever, on one song – it’s almost too much greatness to handle.

Keep your fingers crossed.

Chic, “Everybody Dance”

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