Bad Suns Drop Lyric Video For Pop/Rock Anthem “We Move Like The Ocean”: Idolator Premiere

Bad Suns are on the verge of going top 10 on alternative radio with infectious pop/rock anthem “Cardiac Arrest”, which serves as the lead single from debut LP Language & Perspective due June 24 on iTunes, July 1 everywhere else. That song demonstrates the band’s knack for a memorable chorus and they repeat the feat admirably with new album cut “We Move Like The Ocean”.

The LA-based rockers make an even bolder pop detour on the deceptively sunny kiss-off. “I’ve been just coasting, my mind put to motion,” sings frontman Chris Bowman over jangling guitars before arriving at the chorus: “we move like the ocean but I can’t swim anymore.” Watch the lyric video and find out what the rising rock star has to say about Bad Suns’ debut LP after the jump.

What was the inspiration for new track “We Move Like The Ocean”? “We Move Like The Ocean” is one of the oldest Bad Suns songs. Gavin recorded a guitar lick revolving around harmonics. I heard his recording, I was instantly inspired, and I immediately got to work and wrote the rest of that song. It’s fun when things happen that way. Everything that happens with our band seems to be the result of hard work and happy accidents.

It has a booming pop chorus, is that indicative of a new direction for the band? We never write a song with a predetermined notion, like that, in mind. I’ve never sat down and decided to write a pop song, a dance song, the token ballad, etc. Any time I try to write that way, it can feel and sound a bit contrived. The song usually ends up writing itself; inspiration comes and goes as it pleases. We’re always chasing inspiration and we let it lead the way.

“Cardiac Arrest” is still blowing up on radio, did you think it would perform this well? Absolutely not! When we finished that recording, we showed it to a potential manager and he basically told us that no one was going to care about our band. We felt a bit discouraged, but after time, we decided to release it online for our friends to hear. It’s pretty crazy, what’s happened since then. We’re very, very happy.

Can you explain the title of your debut LP Language & Perspective? The title is taken from lyrics to the opening song “Matthew James”. Basically, it’s about taking what your given (your name, the language that you’re taught, etc.) and making your own decisions based off of that, as you develop your own perspective. That idea serves as the basic umbrella that the album’s songs fall under.

Do you have a personal favorite track on the album? All of the songs have been my favorite, at one point in time. Currently, the song “Pretend” is really exciting me. That song took a long time to reach its final form, and I couldn’t be happier with the way it’s turned out!

Listen to Bad Suns’ new song “We Move Like The Ocean” below:

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