Magic Man Tease Debut LP ‘Before The Waves’ With “It All Starts Here”: Idolator Premiere

For the uninitiated, Magic Man is actually a five-piece band hailing from Boston, Massachusetts. They sound a little like The Killers during their synth phase with a healthy side-serve of Beach House‘s multi-layered dream-pop. It’s an intoxicating blend that finds full expression on the group’s very impressive debut LP Before The Waves, which drops July 8.

If you pre-order the ambitious set, you will be rewarded with a sweeping anthem called “It All Starts Here”. It’s available on iTunes tomorrow but you can listen to it here first. A typically expansive and borderline-ambient Alex Aldi production, the auspiciously-titled track finds frontman Alex Caplow musing on matters of the heart over pretty synths and jangling guitars. Dive in after the jump.

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