Lil Jon Unleashes The Catchphrase Of The Summer In “Bend Ova” Featuring Tyga: Listen

Thanks to Lil Jon, a Down South saying has become the rallying cry at Las Vegas clubs, sports stadiums and Hollywood blockbusters alike this year, via DJ Snake‘s smash “Turn Down for What.” The King of Crunk delivers a few more for the summer in his new song “Bend Ova,” co-produced with DJ Kronic and featuring Tyga, which quickly blew up Billboard’s Trending 140 when it debuted last night (June 16).

He re-purposes a few notable lyrics from last Southern-bred hits. “Bend over, make your knees touch your elbows,” he commands, recalling Nelly‘s Country Grammar smash “E.I.” He shouts out to Ciara‘s “1, 2 Step,” too (“Make it shake like Jell-O!”) – fitting, considering how the 2004 song helped introduce her as the Princess of Crunk (and with his help, obviously). Then Lil Jon delivers a catchphrase of his own, one that’s already inspired a few questions from at least one curious radio host: “Hands on your knees / bounce that ass like a yoga ball.”

Sure, fitness balls aren’t actually used that in yoga. But, whether catapulting crunk to the mainstream, leading Zumba classes with Pitbull or conquering EDM dance floors, Lil Jon never seems to get caught up in how he gets a crowd moving, just as long as he gets it moving in the first place. Hear “Bend Ova” below.

[via Rap Radar]

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