Jennifer Lopez Defends Mariah Carey’s Album Sales And Responds To The First-Week Sales Projection Of ‘A.K.A.’: “We Are In A Different Status”

The whole concept of Jennifer Lopez‘s A.K.A. album is that she’s still the same girl who rode the six and dreamed of finding stardom. If you still question her realness, take a quick listen to an interview she had with Power 105.1 FM this morning (June 20) where she defends the as-yet underwhelming chart performance of Mariah Carey‘s Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse and reacts to the disappointing first-week sales projection of her own LP.

“Mariah and I, we did what the kids are doing already,” J.Lo begins diplomatically. “You know, we had the time when we would drop a thing and it would go straight to number one and the album would go straight to number one. We did that two, three, four times over. She’s probably done it many more times than even I did.”

“We are in a different time of our career. We are in a different status than the ones who need to prove themselves and come out go ‘my thing has to be number one right now!’ Ours doesn’t have to. We have a fanbase, we have years behind us, we have loyalty, we have people who are interested and that’s a blessing,” she continued.

Interestingly, Jenny revealed that she’s committed to promoting A.K.A. over the course of the year and believes it will eventually find an audience. “At a certain point in your career there’s a reinvention that has to go on but you’re in it for a marathon,” she explained. “There are singles that are going to come out over the course of the next six months. For me the release of the album is a celebration because it’s the beginning of something new and this whole year we’re going to be dealing in that.”

This is one of the best interviews I’ve heard in a while. Jennifer spoke realistically about the commercial prospects of her album but subtly put the next generation of divas back in their place. It’s also heartening that she defended Mariah so vigorously. At one point, they had a complicated relationship and Mimi went as far as denying that her then-rival even existed. Watch the full conversation below.

Can J.Lo turn things around with A.K.A.? Have your say in the comments below.

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  • Eddie

    Love her for being honest & genuine!

  • Christina

    Her time came and left. As human beings we just eventually get tired of the same old. The trick is to stop and enjoy what youve done before this happens.

  • Don

    JLo has had an amazing career and has worked very hard, but she never really has been a singer….like Mariah. JLo is a celebrity, a brand…music is very secondary…..she is primarily a dancer and is pretty….in order to have a successful brand she had to put some albums out and some fragrances. I’m not a Mariah fan but JLo really should not even be in the same conversation as her.

  • rkrishna

    Jennifer Lopez new album A.K.A. (Deluxe Version) download free

  • So what

    If she had so many fans as she keeps on saying we’re are they?????
    They are not buying her CD!!!!!! Yes we like seeing her on T.V. And YouTube, but to pay for that music that she’s putting out I don’t think so. We all see the new videos and just think she a big joke now, she is way to old too be singing those songs, she has a team of pepole that should have said no too all that new music!!! To be in your 40′s and try things that your 20 something are working with just so sad too see. What is she ( ms. Lopez not getting) ????

  • L Anthony Rebollar

    Yes she CAN! Her name is Jennifer Lopez AKA JLo!
    she is the best of all!