Ariana Grande Unveils A New Solo Version Of “Problem” (Sorry, Iggy!): Take A Listen

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall
Ariana Grande has ditched Iggy Azalea for a new solo version of Max Martin-produced smash “Problem”. The sax-heavy jam has been stuck at number two on the Billboard Hot 100 behind the Australian collaborator’s “Fancy” for the past month, so the new edit could be revenge for the femcee’s chart-blocking ways or, more likely, a simple marketing exercise.

The song is so relentlessly catchy that it could stand up to almost any act of butchery but “Problem” definitely sounds worse without Iggy. Her fierce (but still young adult-friendly) verse injected some much-needed attitude into the song, which now just sounds like a straightforward Mariah Carey knock-off mashed with Jason Derulo‘s “Talk Dirty”. Listen after the jump.

Do you prefer the original or rap-free version? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Guest

    The only way that Mariah could sound like that, is if someone kicked her a$$ and made her scream out in pain. She could never sound that good to me. LOVIN ARIANA SOOOO MUCH MORE THAN MIMI!!

  • Arianator

    Ariana is amazing singer

  • Guest

    Both are amazing but Iggy adds so much more personality to the song. (P.S, Love the first comment!! Lol so true)

  • drew

    This version is unnecessary.

    • Jac

      actually it is, id like to listen it without the rap!

  • ariantor01

    I love both of the versions. Nothing is wrong with the solo version.
    With or without Iggy it is still FLAWLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sarah

    I think both are good. Because with iggy there is more matureness and more attitude and like its eye catching.

    But the solo is sooooo rhythmic and smooth. And I love the flashback sorta thing. Its definitely new so am not saying its going to be a huge hit sooooo fast. But both are good.

    They both are beautiful versions

  • Kidd_Boricua

    Is It Just Me Or Is Ariana Grande Talking About A Girl In This
    “Hey, Baby Even Though I hate Ya
    I Wanna Love Ya
    I Want You
    And Even Though I Can’t Forgive HER
    I really want to….”

  • YousicWorld

    Enjoyed listening! Ariana is gonna be performing this solo, I believe, in about a week at TRL. Further details can be found here in this article

  • Quinn

    of course the rap free version is better iggy needs kicking off the camera she ruins the song with her rubbish rapping people should NEVER put rap in music videos it sucks its just noise and its pathetic it ruins all the good songs stay solo ariana don’t need that freak iggy she cant sing to save her life

  • Jess

    Mariah has had 18 #1s and has been relevant for over 20 years. Grande hasn’t even had a single #1. Why are they being compared?