Robin Thicke Teases Another Very Uncomfortable Taste Of ‘Paula’: Listen To “Lock The Door”

Robin Thicke‘s Paula is shaping up to be 2014’s ultimate car-crash listening experience. Everything about this (extremely long and slightly disturbing) musical apology to estranged wife Paula Patton makes me cringe and want to play “Blurred Lines” on repeat to cleanse my ears, but I just can’t turn away from the album equivalent of drunk-texting your ex.

The latest taste of the 37-year-old’s shame opus is called “Lock The Door” (something Paula would be wise to do after hearing these songs). “She was born in Paris at the age of 21, love knew her but she didn’t know love,” he croons over a simple piano arrangement. “Love didn’t hear when she cried, love didn’t stand by her side.” That’s when then the choir comes in and it gets even more ridiculous. Listen after the jump if you dare.

Is this some kind of elaborate prank or is Robin really that devastated?

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