Charli XCX Turned Down A Chance To Collaborate With Christina Aguilera

After featuring on a pair of massive hits (Icona Pop‘s “I Love It” and Iggy Azalea‘s chart-topping “Fancy”), Charli XCX finally landed a smash of her own with The Fault In Our Stars soundtrack cut “Boom Clap”. The song has made her a hotter property than ever, which most artists would take as a sign to keep the hits for herself but she’s not about the fame.

“I’ve always done this my own way,” the Brit said in a recent interview. “I’ve passed up on many a thing that could have made me a big artist or something.” Here’s where it gets really interesting. “I was offered a feature on a Christina Aguilera song and I turned it down,” she said. “It just wasn’t right. She’s cool, but it just wasn’t right.” Charli needs to watch herself. The curse of Xtina is all too real. Just ask The Wanted and Lady Gaga, who beefed with the “Say Something” diva before their chart fortunes went south.

Was this a wise move from the rising star? Have your say in the comments below.

[Via Pop Justice].

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  • aliasphoenix

    The Lady Gaga hate is strong with Mike Wass.

    Not that it’s not been apparent before, but damn.

    • lars

      hes probably a britney fan they hate talent

      • calin

        Yeezes you gaga fans take everything so serious. Laugh a little it’s good for you. With gaga and Christina, all I have to say is kama is a bitch.

      • Max

        This fag is a Xtincta stan, lmao. And he hates Britney just because his fave has been overshadowed by her since 1999. Get your facts straight. Stay mad bcuz Britney’s first 2 albums stays outselling your fave’s discography tho.

  • The Chart Truth

    What’s a Lady Gaga?

  • Max

    The Xtina curse is so real that it even ruined her own career. Lmao

  • Meghan

    She’s a skinny bitch!

  • Meghan

    Charli XCX is a skinny brit bitch!

  • Meghan

    Charli XCX? Who is she? She’s unknown…she shouldn’t turned down a song from a superstar…