4th Of July: 10 Artists You Forgot Sang The National Anthem, From The Jackson 5 To Mandy Moore

Ain’t nobody gonna claim “The Star-Spangled Banner” is easy to sing. (Well, maybe one, but she’s dead.) Although we all know the lyrics (well, kind of) and we all know the melody (umm, mostly), public performances of the national anthem are always tricky and tend to live on…much to Michael Bolton’s terror. So let’s shine Lady Liberty’s light on those patriotic popsters whose performances have, fairly or not, been largely forgotten.

Hold on to your sparklers, kittens, and let freedom ring!

10. Stacey Q

When Bob Hope would rally his USO audiences of World War II service members by reminding them, “Boys, this is what you’re fighting for,” he obviously meant Stacy Q’s not-at-all-lip-synched whisperkitten coo.

9. The Jackson 5

Whether it was the patriotic occasion or the close proximity to all the sweaty ballplayers, Michael Jackson’s charisma and vocal talent have rarely been more glorious-ee-hee!

8. Backstreet Boys

Placing all this boyish shrieking so close to Michael Jackson was purely on accident…or was it?

7. Zooey Deschanel

A classy, respectfully jazzy cover — f*** that! We’re bored, Grandma, bring back Stacey Q!

6. Justin Guarini

A classy, respectfully — never mind, it’s not Kelly Clarkson.