Nicki Minaj Denies Iggy Azalea Shade In Twitter Rant, Drags Her Rival Even Harder

Nicki Minaj threw thick shade at Iggy Azalea in her smug acceptance speech for Best Female Rapper at the BET Awards on Sunday (June 29). “What I want the world to know about Nicki Minaj is when you hear Nicki Minaj spit, Nicki Minaj wrote it,” she said between giggles. It was a fairly obvious dig at her Aussie rival, who is mentored by T.I. but also extremely offensive to the other nominees.

After a social media backlash, the 31-year-old jumped on Twitter this morning (July 2) to deny any shade-throwing. “The media puts words in my mouth all the time and this is no different,” Nicki began. “I believe we’re smart enough to write down our own thoughts and perspective, just like the men do.” So she’s basically still insinuating that Iggy doesn’t write her own bars. “I fell in love with Lauryn Hill b/c I knew she was the author behind those amazingly profound and articulated songs on the MisEducation.”

But the femcee didn’t stop there. “It’s the same reason I have a different level of respect for Missy [Elliott],” she continued. “I know she’s a writer and a producer. Women MUST aspire for more.” This is the shadiest explanation of all time. If Nicki has proof Iggy Azalea is a fraud then please share it. If not, she should issue a sincere apology because this just makes her look jealous. After all, “Fancy” is spending its sixth week at number one on the Billboard Hot 100, while “Pills N Potions” is nowhere to be seen in the top 30. Find her tweets after the jump.








How do you interpret Nicki’s tweets? Have your say in the comments below.

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  • TX

    But Iggy doesn’t write….just look @ her credits….also again she never mentioned Iggy, you guys assumed she was talking about Iggy as oppose to the other 3 nominees because you all know Iggy doesn’t write

  • mike

    That whole award speech was so hypocritcal. Shading someone and then saying “no shade” doesn’t make it “no shade.” Plugging your album and then saying “its not a plug” doesn’t mean “it’s not a plug.” Talking about authenticity while standing there with fake breasts and butt implants, after years of dressing up instead of focusing on the music itself which happened to cater to pop trends, and after the very obvious comparisons of how she took Lil Kim’s persona.

    Silly speech.

  • Marco Paul Anthony

    The point is that her rant/speech was bad for business. Do I believe she is the best “current” female rapper, yes I do. Have I lost some respect for Nicki because I found her rant in bad taste for an award show and completely self serving?.Yes. Do I now have difficulty hitting the play button on one of the 87 Nicki songs on my iphone. YES. Will I purchase Pills & Potion? I doubt it. Young Money remains my favorite HipHop label. I dont feel sorry for Iggy because I dont believe LIl KIm did it without Biggie’s influence, or Nicki without Waynes influence or her without TI’s influence. I really dont care about that. I am here for the final product. I like Iggy’s product. I like Nicki’s product. I hate Nicki’s attitude and THAT is a huge issue for me.