Whatcha Say: Robin Thicke, Adam Lambert And Ariana Grande Got Our Readers Talking

Happy Fourth of July, America — and Happy Friday, Idolator readers! Another week of pop music has come to a close, and, as per usual, it was full of drama, tears and, of course, good ‘ole pop tunes.

If this week turned sour for anyone, it was definitely Robin Thicke: In lieu of the release of his new LP, Paula, a desperate, apologetic attempt at getting his ex-wife, actress Paula Patton back, the “Blurred Lines” singer initiated a Q&A on Twitter, which immediately turned into a bash-Thicke-a-thon.

Despite all the scandal, however,  there were also a ridiculous amount of awesome releases this week. Indie-rockers Maroon 5 premiered their dark new video for their latest summer jam, “Maps,” and Canadian songstress Keisza dropped her new video for ‘90s House-influenced tune “Giant In My Heart.” Moreover, Sia made her highly-anticipated upcoming album 1000 Forms Of Fear fully available for streaming, and Ariana Grande released her new club banger, “Break Free,” featuring EDM beatmaker Zedd.

Here on Idolator, we sat down with King of Twerk City Diplo to talk about his upcoming project with Mrs. Unapologetic Madonna, herself, as well as with our latest Popping Up artist and Europe’s hottest pop act Stromae about his latest single “Papaoutai” and his breakout sophomore album, Racine Carrée.

As always, you guys had plenty to say. Read this week’s sassiest comments after the jump!

::Lila was not impressed with Lady Gaga’s performance at the Montreal Jazz Festival on Lady Gaga Made A Surprise Appearance During Tony Bennett’s Set At Montreal Jazz Festival: “She’s not singing, she’s yelling. There’s no emotion in her voice, it’s grating and iritating i had to put down the headphones because i could not stop the video fast enough. She needs to learn how to be subtle if she wants to be a singer and not a vocal gymnast.”

:: Denise was really feeling the new Eminem/Busta Rhymes collab track, “Calm Down,” on Busta Rhymes & Eminem’s “Calm Down”: Listen To The House Of Pain-Sampling Collaboration: “WHAAAA!?!?!?! My mind is blown #shadyv.everyone !!! Omg ‘IM AN EXPERT EVERYTHING SUCKS’ ‘ALMOST FELL ASLEEP ON THE WAKE-UP SHOW’ IM DONE!! I just woke up and now I’m hype and I have a headache.”

:: JMB said that the new Adam Lambert and Queen show is a must-see performance on Adam Lambert Dons A Killer Wardrobe On His North American Tour With Queen: 7 Pics: “I saw the show in Chicago and was amazed. The set, the costumes, the lights, unbelievable. But ultimately Adam’s vocals and Brian May’s guitar licks steal the show. I’ve never seen anything like it and I can die now that I’ve seen this collaboration live. You must see this.”

:: Shannon was in agreement with JMB, saying “This is without doubt one of the best, if not THE best concerts, of the year. No lip synching or click tracks here– the boys are balls to the wall on every song. Adam’s vocal virtuosity is matched at every turn by the marvelous musicianship of Brian and Roger and the rest of the band. And the production is killer. Seriously, this is one for the ages!”

:: Josh loved Holly Valance’s comeback track with Andy Clockwise on Holly Valance Makes A Surprise Comeback On Andy Clockwise’s “Hopeless”: Listen: “So glad you covered this, Mike! Let’s get Holly back!!! Like we’d always say, “State of Mind” was the first of the electro-pop explosion – definitely ahead of the game!!!”

:: Jessica suggested a new direction for Maroon 5’s latest video for “Maps” on Maroon 5 Debuts Grim And Graphic “Maps” Video: Watch: “This video should be done with muppets. You wrote, it doesn’t fit the song. But it makes a statement. The statement is, Well, duh.”

:: TX defended Nicki Minaj on Nicki Minaj Denies Iggy Azalea Shade In Twitter Rant, Drags Her Rival Even Harder: “But Iggy doesn’t write….just look @ her credits….also again she never mentioned Iggy, you guys assumed she was talking about Iggy as oppose to the other 3 nominees because you all know Iggy doesn’t write.”

:: The Chart Truth threw some serious shade at Lady Gaga on Charli XCX Turned Down A Chance To Collaborate With Christina Aguilera: “What’s a Lady Gaga?”

:: Anthony Gilbert Aragon believes that Ariana Grande’s new single “Break Free” is going to be a crazy hit on Ariana Grande Premieres Zedd/Max Martin-Produced Dance Anthem “Break Free”: Listen: “I love this single so much her voice/emotions is so real on it, and Zedd is a production master he’s in his own lane. This song is going to blast to the top of the charts just wait and see.”

:: mike, however, begs to differ: “This song is too basic for her. She has a phenomenal voice. Why is she using it for songs that should have come out in 2012, if ever?”

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