Sia’s ‘1000 Forms Of Fear’: Review Revue

For the past few years, Aussie songstress Sia has been busy making music for, well, everyone but herself. The writer responsible for hit tunes such as Rihanna’s “Diamonds” and Beyonce’s “Pretty Hurts,” Sia is back at it again, but this time around, she is saving all the her pop anthems for her solo 6th studio album, 1000 Forms of Fear.

Our own Kathy Landoli raved about the new record, giving it a whopping 4.5/5 and noting, “Many singer/songwriters become either one or the other: a pop star or a writer for pop stars. They broke the mold with Sia, and 1000 Forms Of Fear is all the proof needed to know that our favorite Aussie (outside of Kylie Minogue) can craft a hit for someone else, but can bring that energy back to her own project and create an instant classic.”

But what did the rest of the music world think about Sia’s new attempt? Here our roundup of reviews across the webosphere after the jump.

:: Consequence Of Sound gave the disc a B+, emphasizing it’s particularly dark nature: “If you’re not careful, 1000 Forms of Fear might just provide the room dark enough for you to face down your fears. This isn’t an arena.”

:: Spin gave the album an 8/10: “While Fear does showcase some brassy belting similar to the kind she lent to ‘Titanium’ and ‘Wild Ones,’ Sia’s voice elsewhere shows off its weirder side, stretching words to their pronounceable limits, turning stanzas into Silly Putty. It takes a bit of getting used to, but once it clicks it makes Fear conceptually stronger; it’s a lot easier, after all, to sing of all those ways fear can manifest itself when the words used to describe the emotion can only be understood after deep listening.”

:: The Boston Globe stated, “A hint of a rasp and crackle makes her tales of helplessness in the face of romantic entanglements — laid over ticking electro-pop tracks — feel so human.”

:: PopMatters explores how Sia’s reclusiveness works in her favor: “It’s a bit bizarre to witness a pop star physically rejecting and embracing the limelight all at once, yet this faceless image has proven to be as much an attraction, as the avant-garde artistry dancing across the stage around it. “

:: Slant Magazine gave the album a 4/5, stating that “1000 Forms of Fear should be the vessel that rockets the singer out of relative obscurity and into the stratosphere populated by those more recognizable stars who’ve come to dominate the pop-music universe thanks, in part, to her songwriting skills.”

:: The Guardian compared Sia’s prolific songwriting abilities to “Carole King on elephant steroids,” as well as noting that “1000 Forms of Fear is Furler’s sixth solo album and, if you’re coming to her fresh, it is probably her best, the result of years of refining her art (yes, writing pop smashes is an art) and of feeling wretched and unloved despite all her success.”

What did you think about Sia’s 1000 Forms of Fear? Let us know in the comments below!

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