G.R.L. Announces Self-Titled Debut EP: See The Cover Art & Tracklist

The G.R.L. girls are finally ready to G.O. for it.

After getting wild with Pitbull and going bad behind bars in the video premiere for their jail-themed video for “Ugly Heart”, the up-and-coming fab fivesome are now set to release their debut self-titled EP on July 29, due out on Kemosabe Records/RCA.

Along with “Ugly Heart,” the mini-collection will also include brand new songs including “Rewind,” “Don’t Talk About Love” and “Girls Are Always Right,” as well as the swirling, power pop-tastic “Show Me What You Got,” which first premiered back in February. Check out the video for “Ugly Heart” down below, and let us know if you’re excited about the EP release in the comments section.

1. Ugly Heart
2. Show Me What You Got
3. Rewind
4. Don’t Talk About Love
5. Girls Are Always Right

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  • Staney Spears

    so excited

  • Sean

    Great video. Wasn’t a fan before, but they’re a ton of fun.

  • Meghan

    love that video only thing that annoys me is that I know they are amazing dancers but they never get the chance to really show it off ! in this video its like they don’t have enough space to do their moves ! still love it though

  • Fernando Diaz

    I’m so exited for the E.P.

  • MW

    No Vacation? Hopefully it will be on the first full album.