Austin Mahone Debuts “Say My Name”: Listen

Austin Mahone released a new song called “Say My Name,” just a few months after he released his debut EP The Secret. (He’s been working hard – just ask his label boss Birdman.)

No, “Say My Name” is not a Destiny’s Child cover. However, after the 18-year-old singer recorded what sounded like long lost Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC cuts for The Secret, he turns in his new song to full-fledged R&B-turned-pop sensations for inspiration. On top of electric keys, Mahone begs for a girl to stay the night, his voice aching as if he’s listened to Boyz II Men in the past. During the breakdown, he interpolates the melody from Ginuwine‘s 2001 classic “Differences,” the part where the R&B lothario sings “My whole life has changed…”

Ultimately, Mahone sounds like an 18-year-old while singing such songs. He’s earnest, but he’s still got some growing up to do in order to sell heartache like this. Still, it’s tough to blame him for trying – have you heard “Differences” lately? Hear Mahone’s new song “Say My Name” and revisit Ginuwine’s 2001 classic after the jump.

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