Whatcha Say: Sia, Beyonce And The VMAs Got Our Readers Talking

Happy Friday, Idolator Readers! Are you ready for a roundup of this week’s news in the pop world? Ready, steady, go.

Things are especially looking good for Sia and Canadian fusion band MAGIC! this week, as the Aussie songstress’ 6th studio album, 1000 Forms Of Fear, hit the cozy number one spot on the Billboard 200 chart and MAGIC’s “Rude” officially bumped Iggy Azalea’s summer hit “Fancy” out of the leading position on the Hot 100. As if that wasn’t enough, pop heiress Paris Hilton premiered her glamorous video for her latest sparkly single “Come Alive” and New Zealand siblings Broods dropped their clip for ethereal number, “Mother & Father.” Plus, the MTV 2014 VMA nominations were announced, leading to plenty of debate and outcry (as always).

What’s more, Toronto’s own Drake revealed the title of his upcoming new album Views From The 6, while the “Bump N’ Grind” master R Kelly surprised everyone when he announced that he is working on a House record. (!) And last but certainly not least, X Factor alums Fifth Harmony visited our studio for an exclusive acoustic performance of their infectious new single. “BO$$” here on Idolator — and MAGIC! delivered a very special acoustic performance of “Rude” for us too!

As per usual, we could always count on you guys for having plenty to say. Here are some of this week’s best comments after the jump.

:: aartz disagrees with Sir Jack Antonoff on Jack Antonoff Compares Taylor Swift To Michael Jackson, Shades Lady Gaga & Katy Perry: “Taylor Swift= Michael Jackson…..really? perhaps w/ songwriting, but everything else, there is no REAL comparison there.”

:: joe even gave Jack Antonoff’s girlfriend and creator of award-winning TV show Girls Lena Dunham some advice: “lena gurl separate yoself from this fool.”

:: Upon hearing the news of Sia’s #1 this week, Pamela made a declaration on Sia’s ’1000 Forms Of Fear’ Tops Album Chart: “All Hail Our New Empress: THE WIG!”

:: Anastasia was not impressed with Dev Hynes’ rework of Sia’s single “Chandelier” on Dev Hynes Remixes Sia’s “Chandelier”: Listen To The Haunting Rework: “THIS SUCKS ASS!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S HORRIBLE!!!!! WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS BEAUTIFUL SONG?”

:: drew was hoping for something else when he heard the title of Drake’s new album on Drake Announces New Album Title ‘Views From The 6′: “Yeah, I was seriously thinking (and a dark part of me was hoping) that this would be a Drake/JLo compilation/concept album LOL.”

:: joe was rooting for Marina & The Diamonds‘ comeback on Marina & The Diamonds Teases New Song From The Recording Studio: “marina is like p!nk. one of the best out there but SO underrated. everything she’s done has been great and she can only get better. you can already tell this track alone is killer.”

:: Anthony didn’t really agree with the VMA nominations on 2014 MTV Video Music Award Nominations: Surprises, Snubs And, Um, Terry Richardson: “Sia is the only one who came up with a creative video ‘Chandelier.’ As for the other artists I love their music but visually they are lacking compared to past years where music videos were top priority, and made to last the test of time.”

:: Naomi was confused: “I’m not really surprised, but I’m a little puzzled. Most of these videos are just basic or boring. Ariana Grande gets three nominations for a basic video. I’m a little surprised that Royals is nominated for Best Rock Video, even though it’s a POP song. I’m also surprised that Britney wasn’t nominated for Best Choreography. The same goes for Gaga, but it’s funny watching their meltdowns on Twitter lol. This shows how you can make a basic video and still get nominated based on sales and popularity. The performances better make up for this predictable list of nominees.”

:: And xsushi was, too: “I really like Drunk in Love but the video is quite average. I can see a Grammy nod, but a VIDEO Music Award? I don’t know about that. Haunted was a more interesting video. Applause was a pretty awesome video that totally got snubbed, even Work Bitch was a better video than most of the nominated ones.”

:: Greg sided with Linda Perry when it came to Bey‘s songwriting skills on Linda Perry Talks Beyonce’s Songwriting: “Well, Um…”: “I think Perry nailed that comment. It wasn’t rude, or a diss. It was truth. Beyonce is a phenomenal talent and performer…. but a songwriter? Nope.”

:: Dylan came to Mimi’s rescue on Unretouched Photos Of Mariah Carey’s ‘Wonderland’ Shoot With Terry Richardson Surface: Morning Mix: “I love Mariah and we all know every celebrity is photoshopped. But I believe that those “unretouched” photos are so far fetch. I’ve seen many paperazzi photos of M during the time of that shoot and she was not as big(weight wise) as they try to display in the “unretouched” photos. Sorry but so many try to pull M down and its getting really annoying. Yes she is touched up in the wonderland photos but not to that extreme. #PissedOff”

:: And finally, ALLY GIRL thought that Ally Brooke was the total standout out on Fifth Harmony Peform “Bo$$” Live And Acoustic: Idolator Sessions: “ALLY SLAY ME WHAGT HTHE HGFUFCK ALLYS HIGH NOTES HER VOICE I’D LET HER VOICE KIDNAP ME AND HOLD ME HOSTAGE FOR 10 YEARS”

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