Win A Signed Guitar From Katy Perry!

Make Roar Happen!
Katy Perry still wants to hear you“Roar,” KatyCats.

The Prism princess — currently out on tour dazzling audiences worldwide with her Prismatic World Tour— wants to “Make Roar Happen” with Staples, a campaign aimed at supporting teachers during the back-to-school season. Why? Because teachers are the reason so many of us dare to do what we do! According to a recent Staples survey, 75% of parents of teens have had “that” teacher in their life that influenced them greatly. (We know we did, too!)

So, how does one “Make Roar Happen”? It’s simple: By donating $1 to at your local Staples or online, you can make a direct impact on helping to fund school supplies at local schools where your donation was made. (Plus, if you spend $10 or more at Staples, you automatically qualify for a chance to win tickets to the North American leg of Katy’s tour!)

And now, we want to Make Roar Happen too. Find out more after the jump.

In an effort to promote the Make Roar Happen campaign, we’re giving away a signed guitar from Katy Perry! All you have to do is tell us how your favorite teacher (past or present!) made an impact on your life.


A guitar, signed by Katy Perry


Tell us how your favorite teacher made an impact on your life in the comments below. (Note: Be sure to use your email when leaving the comment — that’s how we’ll notify the winner.)

That’s it! We will randomly select and notify a winner via email on Thursday, July 24 at 5 PM EST. Good luck — and Make Roar Happen!

  • Kaley

    My favorite teacher was my 3rd grade teacher. She really supported me even when I wasn’t in elementary school anymore. She had the best lessons and made me much better at math. When I was going through a big lack of motivation and depression she helped me get through it.

  • Bailey

    Out of all of the teacher’s I’ve had throughout the years, the one who will forever stick out among the rest is my 9th grade Yearbook teacher Ms. Russell. Going into high school, I was shy, misunderstood, and had only one friend, so I decided to take a chance and join the Yearbook staff hoping that it would help me to be more social and become better involved academically. Thankfully the class did help me and I wouldn’t be who I am today if it weren’t for Ms. Russell.

    She had the special ability to see things in people that other teacher’s typically ignored, and she used that ability to push them to not only become betters students, but better people as well. Many people didn’t really appreciate her unique qualities as a teacher until the day she never came back to class. Ms. Russell died on New Year’s Day, and Yearbook was never the same without her. In just the few months that I knew her, her impact proved to be invaluable to me as I continued to use her advice throughout the rest of my high school career, and her presence never stopped being felt by the rest of the staff as we did everything we could to grant her wish to capture the lives of the student body over the course of a school year. It was our own way of saying that we loved and valued her, and to this day, I still do.

  • George Garcia

    One of the best teachers I have ever had would have to be my high-school theater teacher. Mr. Rammelt. He has been probably one of the most motivating, caring teachers I have ever had the privilege to be with. I was not out and proud gay in high school and I remember he would tell me just to be myself. To no care what anybody had to say about my orientation. He was the one who helped me come out to my parents. Being in his Drama class really helped me come out of my own shell and become the person I am now. Because of him I am not afraid or ashamed to be myself. He would always challenge me. If I said I couldn’t the find a way to make me accomplish whatever I said could not do. He is an amazing person. Thank you so much Bob Rammelt.

  • Valerie B

    My daughter’s first grade teacher, Mrs. Seuss helped her so much when moving school’s in the middle of the year!

  • Amanda

    One of my art teachers from elementary school inspired me to continue me dream of becoming an artist. She never gave up on me and is very sweet. I think with out her I wouldnt be where I am dreaming about one day I will become a true artist. By me opening up myself to it has changed me life a lot. I have been drawing since I was 7. And tell this day I still draw. I cant think of a better friend and not only that but an amazing teacher ^_^ I hope that we are still as close as were are now, forever. So thank you. I hope everyone knows that teachers really me a big difference in your life and might change it forever.

    I’m also a big fan of Katy Perry and would love to win. I’m a really big Katy cat ;)

  • Brett

    5th grade can be awful, especially when you HATE reading. Whether it was a chapter book or an illustrated one, I’d find ways around reading for a book report (my DARK HORSEs being my BFF who revealed the plots to me & movies based on the books).

    But this all changed with a mid 40′s Ms Despain. Every day she read to us aloud for 15 minutes beginning with “There’s a Boy in the Girls Bathroom” by Louis Sachar. From those small moments, Ms. Despain changed my life because I realized books could be funny and relatable. She planted the seeds that started my love for origin of words, books, grammar, and humor. This still continues to this day.

    Mad props to the Ms. Despains of the world who spend hours ROAR-ing to improving our lives, and not knowing the positive outcome that develops!

  • Caitlin N

    I struggled in year 7 with math i was well below the national standard and i thought nothing of myself. Then Mrs Murray came along, it felt like her only task was to get me up to the national standard and i am very grateful for that. She sowed me the light at the end of the tunnel and said if you want to get there then you have to believe in yourself and have confidence. At the end of the year i got my report and found out that since the start of term one to the end of the year i have gone from well below to above the national standard for maths I was so happy it felt like i was WALKING ON AIR and i thankful and i don’t know what i would have done if Mrs Murray wasn’t there i don’t know what i would have done. I am now in the top class and having the time of my life i enjoy going to school and learning which is quite unusual for me. It felt like Mrs Murray had UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for me and i really appreciated it. She will always be APART OF ME.:)

  • katykat

    Mrs Mellross! she was the best teacher anyone could ever have. Anyway ever since i was in grade 3 we had an agreement that if i did something that i would get a chocolate bar, it became so long that we even forgot what for. By the time i got to grade 6 she decided to retire so i decided to remind her about the chocolate bar. She came into class one day with a big cardboard box for me, i opened it and there was another box, then the same thing kept happening again for about 17 boxes then i finally opened this tiny one saying go back to the first box. it ended up having a false bottom. the impact the chocolate gave me was unconditional :P

  • Aly

    My teacher Mr.Bague he was my favorite teacher because he saved my life by keeping me from committing suicide. He actually introduced me to katy perry’s music during a lesson. I really hope you pick me because katy perry and my teacher are what keep me going!!!!!

  • Mathilde

    The most impactful teacher I had was in 4th grade. I was very shy, I didn’t talk to much, I was almost always alone but she talked a lot with me and thanks to her I made friends. I think without her I would still be shy and alone so I’m very grateful she is such a good person actually she used to be my role model when I was little she helped me become who I am !! :)

  • bnielz1

    great question. I barely graduated HS and enrolled in a local JC. First year 5 F’s a D and a C. Kicked out. Went to another JC and took a class with Prof. Magda. We wrote a research paper she gave me a B. Told me I was a great writer and just needed to tweak a few things. Said she would stay after school every day to help me out if I made the effort. I did. She was the first teacher to ever tell me I was good at anything. I just got my Master’s degree last semester….

  • katsims30

    Wow. Coming from a family with 4 school teachers in it. Me, my mom , my sister , my aunt. What a great question. The teacher that actually impacted me the most is my mom. When we were kids she was teaching grammer school and would come home and insist we stop playing video games and read a book. She used to make us a summer reading book list to get through when we were’nt in school. As I got older she enrolled me in SAT prep classes and got us registered. She basically created an educational evironment at home as if school never ended!

  • Michael W Perkins

    My 5th Grade teacher was Passionate about music & Encouraged me to participate in band, Started on trumpet, Then a Trombone was needed, so I stepped up, Later I progressed into Guitar.

  • Vanessa

    My 9th grade teacher was amazing she was the only one I could talk to like I mean the only teacher I ever talked to when I needed help about anything. When I had a problem with something I could go up to her and she was there for me to give me advice and know whats good for me. She wants all her students to do good and have a future. She would let us change the answers of test when we got them wrong sometimes and that was really nice of her. She let me know that life was very hard and we have to work and not give up, Whatever you want to do you have to try hard and never give up because anything is possible.

  • Charlotte M

    My Social Studies teachers from year nine would have to be the teacher that has had the best roar as a teacher and he helped me roar, as he told me always to me myself and stand up for what I believe in and to be the best as a student.
    He helped not just me with bullying but also with my friends, he was always there to stand up for what was right, he encouraged me in my work and outside school activities.

    I think he has always had the roar, when he was in the army and it delivered to when he started teaching.

    Him and Katy Perry have helped me in my lowest times of my life and when I play her songs and listen to her songs I always know that there is a place for me in this life time and it makes me try harder in what I know and what I want to know.

    He sadly left our school to get help for war memory’s but my family still email him and my dad still talks to him, so I know that he will always be there for me if i need him just like Katy Perry’s music will always be there for me as well.

    I am a big katykat and i love Katy Perry like nothing else and i know tow his guitar will be put to use to play her songs and impress my family and friends, so I know it will be used.

    I would love this guitar and will play in forever.

    I love Katy Perry

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  • Zankat Kplover Angela

    I really love Katy Perry and want to know how to play the guitar[but i need a guitar] which is why i’m entering but :
    I don’t really have a best teacher but I’ll chose one that’s important. My global history teacher was a very interesting teacher. He taught us about current events related to the past and he taught us important things we should know in the world. We had the same birthday. He could be a cranky person which is why some people thought he was mean but he wasn’t actually unless you messed with him. He Also told us he suffered from depression which explains why he could act cranky.i really admired him because he taught us about life unlike most teachers and that math and science are not as important as other teachers make it seem. I hope he has a nice rest of his teaching left because he really was a great teacher.

  • Mariya

    One of the teachers I had this past year made a great impact on me. He taught, and still teaches, I guess, Applied Technology. At the beginning of the year, I wasn’t exactly thrilled to have to go to his class twice a week, but I learned to love it! Although I’ve never admitted it before, I’ve always stayed away from things I’m not good at doing. (Huh, I can’t believe I actually just typed that out.) While I’m not terrible at it, engineering stuff (Haha, I don’t really know how to describe it!) is a bit difficult for me; I’m not as good at it as I’d liked to be, so I try avoiding it, and all that good stuff. Anyway, my teacher really helped familiarize me with it and make even like it a little bit! Now, My Applied Tech teacher not only made me less afraid of building things, despite the fact that I’m not particularly talented in that are, but with that he also taught me that I shouldn’t completely avoid doing something because I’m afraid of failure. By the end of the year, I was spending every lunch period in his classroom with my friends, working on projects!

    For the times when I have been afraid of trying new things and become extremely worried about them, someone else has always been there for me – Katy Perry. I can always listen to her music when I’m feeling stressed out, knowing that I’ll instantly feel better. She is my idol (sorry if you there, reader, yes, you, hi! think it’s weird to idolize a celebrity that you don’t know personally), and I want to be like her. I don’t necessarily want to do what she does and become a performing artist, but I want to make people happy.

    She’s got that one international smile!!! :) (It’s almost as international as Mia Moretti’s!)

    Oh, and I don’t know if I need to include my email in the actual response to be eligible to win, but I’ll do it anway! It’s

  • Jackie

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Arnold, my middle school choir teacher.

    He taught me that being a teacher is more than just learning the curriculum, but that it’s nurturing your students’ interests and giving them valuable life lessons. Even though he was tough, I learned so much from that class and from that person and it was always fun!

  • Adam Horne

    Anybody know who won?

  • Kacie Cahill

    The teacher that has impacted my life in the biggest way is my middle school religion teacher, Mrs. Usyk. Mrs. Usyk taught me everything I know about the Bible and God. She helped me realize that there is a special place for me in heaven and that I can depend on Jesus whenever I needed to. Before I met Mrs. Usyk I doubted that there was a God and I didn’t believe that anything in the Bible was even remotely true. Mrs. Usyk opened my eyes to the Christian faith and it has changed my life and helped me steer my life in a positive direction. I am now 17 years old and a senior in high school and I keep in touch with Mrs. Usyk daily. I thank her any chance I get for having such a huge impact on my life.

  • Mary Beth Elderton

    One teacher who had a profound effect on me was a big school Chemistry teacher–I went on to study a lot of science in college. The amazing thing was learning the confidence to study new things on my own.

  • Katherine Newton

    My favorite teacher was my mother. I was homeschooled from kindergarten until highschool and she was by far the most understanding, wonderful teacher that I could have asked for. Thank you for the opportunity to win this awesome guitar!

  • madison igotts to in I getting this for my bff because shes a katycat