UPDATE: Erasure’s ‘The Violet Flame’ Tracklist, “Elevation” Single & Fall Tour Openers: Premiere

Erasure announced their upcoming LP The Violet Flame this past spring, as well as its release date of September 23. But other than that — and the fact that the album is produced by pop genius/frequent Annie collaborator Richard X — not much else has been known the British duo’s latest project…until now.

Idolator is premiering the bright, colorful cover art for Vince Clarke and Andy Bell‘s latest album today, along with the full reveal of all 10 tracks — including lead single “Elevation,” which you can listen to below.

Additionally, we’ve listed out the tour openers for Erasure’s upcoming North American trek this fall. Catch all the info below.

Erasure, The Violet Flame
1. Dead Of Night
2. Elevation
3. Reason
4. Promises
5. Be The One
6. Sacred
7. Under The Wave
8. Smoke And Mirrors
9. Paradise
10. Stayed A Little Late

North American Tour Openers (full list of concert dates)

September 12 – 21: NINA

September 26 – October 8: All Hail The Silence (DJ/producer BT‘s side project)

October 10 – 15: Dangerous Muse

October 17 – November 1: Superhumanoids

Will you be picking up a copy of Erasure’s new album this fall and heading out to see them on tour? Let us know below, and find out more about each of Vince and Andy’s opening acts by clicking on the links ab0ve.

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  • Meagles

    Will I be picking up a copy of Erasure’s new album? I’m counting down the days!!

  • Mountain Sports

    Would that it wasn’t, but that’s just awful.

  • Juha Yläoja

    Hm, sounds like another album which doesn’t sound like Erasure. Not digging it.

  • Fitz

    Sadly, there is nothing about this new single that sounds like Vince Clarke. It’s dreadful. Even the chorus is instantly forgettable. As an Erasure fan from the beginning, the last 10 years have seen them progressively become a generic dance-lite band – something you hear in a hotel lobby as background music. They’ve lost that distinctive sound that only they had, along with an understanding of how to write a proper pop song. The kind of song that weaves in and out of edgy electronic wizardry that made them Erasure in the first place. So disappointing for a band that used to be so innovative. I hope there are other songs on the album that prove me wrong.

    • Dannyp1971

      I agree totally!!!!

    • Chuang Shyue Chou

      I am moving on. Erasure is no longer a band whose release I look forward to.

      What happened to those wonderful, hook-laden 3-melodies? What happened to the pop gems of yesteryear?

  • as

    december 30 opener?

  • Derick Rodriguez

    I’ve been a fan since I saw Erasure open for Duran Duran in 1987. Quickly they became my favorite band and still are. Contrary to what others have mentioned about Erasure’s music over the last few years, I don’t believe their music has dropped off or that they don’t sound like Erasure. I think Vince Clarke is a genius and every album has it’s own unique sound. What I like best about Erasure is that they write music for themselves and not for anyone else. My favorite album of all time is “Light at the end of the world,” but I enjoy listening to their last 4 albums, which I do a lot. You still hear Vince’s quirky keyboards on “Elevation.” I applaud Erasure for their uniqueness and I can’t wait to hear their new album and see them in Vegas.

  • Ken Ley (latebar.org)

    Unmistakably Erasure :-)
    I simply can’t recognize the alleged “fall-off” or the “loss of the Erasure-sound”? Allow me to just take the listener back to February this year (2014) and listen to the album SnowGlobe. Listen to for instance “Make it Wonderful” and tell me again that doesn’t sound like Erasure?!
    I MY critical ear, I hear Erasure and nothing but!
    Well done Andy and Vince :-) Looking forward to September 23rd!

  • starlight

    I agree that there has been a distinctive drop in the quality of their music; not that their worst efforts aren’t still a 1,000 times better than much of the rubbish littering the charts! This song typifies the route they’ve taken for too many years; safe, cruise control and desperately chart friendly… Where’s the story telling? The meaning? The… erm… rhyming lyrics (you and ‘you’???!!!) Sorry Andy but you need to start doing what you do best and that’s writing about stuff that matters using the poetry and vocabulary we know you can; and that means not having ‘whoooaaa’ in every song! And Vince, stop turning to trendy producers, you don’t need them!

    • Chuang Shyue Chou

      This reminds me of Depeche Mode starting in 1994 or so. They became reliant of each new producer who would bring his own direction and sound in. There was a blurry of identity despite the producers’ attempt at incorporating the old sounds.

  • Andrew

    Folks – this is the radio edit. Album version is FAR SUPERIOR!

  • Chuang Shyue Chou

    On account of the first single ‘Elevation’, I will likely be giving this forthcoming album a miss if this were indicative. I will listen to previews on Amazon first.

    I had given the last album ‘Snow Globe’ a miss. Christmas albums are not something that I care for. I used to buy every album and single up to ‘Light at the End of the World’. (okay, not the singles for the cover album.. ) After that, there was a noticeable shift in musical direction. ‘Tomorrow’s World’ was far too uneven. Then, came the Christmas album.

    The music of the Erasure which I had loved is now disco of a certain type rather than synthpop. It is just not something that I really care for. I will move on. Thank you Erasure for all the fabulous pop gems over the years.

  • goyard handbag bergdorf goodman
  • chris

    I think this new single sounds better than anything on their last album. So I’m pleased, although it’s not as strong as ICFILWY which is to me one of their greatest lead singles ever. Erasure has never been strong in the album department, but usually there are several songs on each album that are killer. I seldom pop in an Erasure album and listen all the way through, unless it’s new. But they have so many albums and so many songs from all of them that are great it doesn’t matter. I always hope there are two or three superfantastic songs on a new album and that is satisfactory to me.