Hilary Duff Premieres “Chasing The Sun” Remix At Gay Club Marquee: Watch And Listen

In the wee hours of the morning, Hilary Duff was introduced at Chelsea nightclub Marquee in New York by Perez Hilton and flanked by colorful drag queens as she officially premiered new single “Chasing The Sun.” Well, actually, it was a remix of the song — apparently The Gays can’t handle all that guitar and Colbie Caillat song structuring?

At any rate, if you’re not up to speed, “Chasing The Sun,” which is being released next week, is the lead single off Duff’s upcoming fifth album (her first in seven years). Needless to say, it’s been A Moment since the release of her last LP, the benchmark-setting Dignity, and Hilary’s return to pop has become somewhat of A Thing.

Head below to watch Hilary twirl with a gaggle of queens, drag and otherwise.

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  • nono

    I get that she’s going for “adult alternative” but couldn’t she have worn something a bit cuter than that?

  • TheBeatsAlive

    I’m pretty sure “The Gays” can handle ” all that guitar and Colbie Caillat song structuring.The original is not made for the club so why would it be played. People would of just been standing there.

  • davidsask

    Sad that is how she shows up at an event after long sabbatical!!