Joan Rivers Shades Selena Gomez During Major Rant Over Israel Vs. Palestine Conflict: Watch

Stars Dance...And Tussle
We’re just going to set this here and quietly-but-quickly back away: It’s Joan Rivers being asked by TMZ at LAX about the current Israel/Palestine conflict. This alone prompted quite the tirade from Rivers, but TMZ being TMZ, they followed up a series of questions about Joan’s opinion on the launching of rockets and the loss of innocent lives by informing the comedienne about Selena Gomez “tweet[ing] a pro-Gaza” message. (Actually, what she said was, “Please pray for those families and babies today. Please always remember what’s important in life.”)

Joan was not having it and began to hurl insults at the “Come And Get It” singer, including, “Let’s see if she can spell Palestinian!” Watch below.

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  • Marc

    I wonder if anyone is going to discuss the Apartheid State of Israel? Who makes Palestinians apply for permits to have a child? Who has roads dedicated ONLY for Jews? Who forces Palestinians within Israel to have a different colored license plate and only permitted to drive during certain hours? Who has segregated schools? Who sterilized thousands of Ethiopian women to keep their birth rate down? Israel treats people like garbage and expects them to not revolt. WHAT WOULD YOU OR I DO, IF THAT’S HOW WE LIVED?! They are humans treated like scum, so they will do anything to revolt.

    Israel is a modern nation, and if they acted in a modern way and gave Arabs their rights back…the fighting would stop. Forget about the land! Don’t give them all the stolen land back, just treat the Palestinians as people and watch the peace process start.

    Thank God for stars like Selena Gomez, Dwight Howard, Madonna, and Rihanna for risking so much and standing up for what’s right.

    • Dani

      You are so wrong on all your points, I am not Jewish , I am Canadian and worked for a Canadian company in Israel and in Egypt,
      From what I see Israelis treat the Arabs that live in Israel equal to Jewish Israelis, in the west bank and Gaza all I heard from Palestinians was ” death to Israel … That’s all they have on their mind. From babies to adults. It’s sad but that’s a fact. Hamas agenda is the destruction of Israel and all the western civilization’s scary.

      • Anne

        You seriously cannot make any excuses for killing innocent people especially innocent babies no one can agree that this barbaric massacre is ok if you try to justify this b/s you definitely have no god but satan. Everyone knows how Israel treats the refugees that live there just it’s disgusting burning down that African child care centre and killing the refugees in their detention centre no matter how much propaganda you spew it getting harder to hide with social media and cell phones. Joan Rivers is not funny at all I lost all respect for her when she decided to talk crazy about the First Lady because she threatened by an intelligent Black Woman.

    • mary

      she must be very mean, George Washington fight the English occupier with all he could do winter farmer without shoes, why not Palestinian, they want thier home, and children have place to eat and sleep , world called isreali genocides 2 days ago, only country save the isreali it was american, when world beloved american was leader of human right and freedom sorry not any more if israeli are side of peace and give land back what sixty five years did not, why rejected Oslo Accord peace treaty means 2 state solution, when Palestinian accepted, president carter in his visit of Gaza called isreali apartheid syestem, son of famous israeli general who fight for isreali called isreali racist and apartheid government, all in Youtube i

  • yaron

    THE PALESTINIANS HAVE A DIFFeRENT COLOR liCENCE PLATE SO WHAT? they have there own government. all israeli license is the same color: yellow.
    israel does not sterilized ethiopian women. israel have an ethiopian jewish community with equal rights.
    your comment isnt based on facts – very similar to selena, rihanna etc.

  • Beth Steiner

    Joan Rivers certainly speaks for me on this issue. Thank god she was there at the right moment to give voice to a point of view that has been woefully neglected by a mainstream media. If 2/3 of the United States citizenry were living in bomb shelters, we would then be in a position to comment intelligently on the situation in Israel. Everyday life has been totally interrupted by the murderous Hamas terrorists. As they hide behind the skirts of mothers and old women they expect intelligent people to believe that they are the aggrieved party. Where is the rest of the Muslim world? Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria,etc. have much more land and wherewithal to provide aid to the Palestinians, yet NONE have offered anything but criticism of Israel. There are wealthy Muslims in the world—where are they when their brethren need them? Israel deserves mega kudos for the restraint they have shown over the last 66 years in dealing with neighbors surrounding them who have wished them nothing but ill from the moment of their inception. SHALOM

  • Mikaere

    Israel does indeed have apartheid laws. Ever been on their Jews only roads? As usual pro Zionists attack the messenger…personal attacks try to cover but they dont. Just like netanyahu..turns out Hamas didnt have anything to .do with the three Israelis killed, as they said. But we in the US just get to hear the Israeli mouthpiece. So Netyanyahu lied and over 1000 died. Joan, go ahead and make insulting isnt going to hide the truth from this rogue state that has bought our US congress

  • alisanne

    shut the hell up all of you. why can’t we all just have world peace ffs

  • UglyJoan

    WOW! Joan with all those plastic surgery and botox can still say Palestinian?

  • amazing

    Joan, It seems you think a 22 y.o. popular singer (21 when she sent her post) cannot have an opinion about anything political. Selena does, and did, and I admire her for speaking up. She said nothing controversial, which would have been OK; just simply said pray for certain people. Her heart, and mind, are in the right place. You say “did she to college.” Did you, please act and speak responsibly and in a more educated, tolerant way. Your opinion is not the only one. The Palestine people are part of this world too. They are humans just like you and your daughter. Selena is beautiful and obviously very thoughtful..

  • Joe

    Mikaere – Jew only roads? No such thing in Israel. Why don’t you come visit here before you speak. The one democratic nation in the region with freedom for ALL religions. Did you know that down the road from where I live are a few Arab settlements where the sign says that I, as a Jew, am not allowed to enter! Any of the million and a half Arabs that are full citizens of this country can come to my block anytime!
    Joan is great but didn’t even make the point strongly enough.
    If a group of people decided to kill you and wipe you and your family and friends out and wrote that in their constitution, and then started shooting at you continuously, what would you do? I doubt that you would spend years letting them kill off your civilians.
    Again, why not come and visit here. We could use some more tourists right now! :)

  • Marc

    Israel is a terror state, end of story. We are paying $19MILLION a day to their military which exercises massacres. It’s disgusting. Go support their education, medicine, agriculture but NOT their killings. EVERYONE PLEASE KNOW THAT THE AMERICAN MEDIA IS FOOLING YOU. Read from around the world and with this latest terror by Israel, I noticed how brutal they are. I boycott Israeli products now and will never again visit this brutal regime. They have us fooled. Seen images of soldirs using Arab kids as human shields and IDF soldiers using dead kids as backgrounds for their selfies? Awful! Humanity, lets start over! The only good thing from this war is that Americans through social media are learning about Israeli ways. Don’t shoot the messenger, get a new Govt. Israelis!!! As for Selena Gomez, GOD BLESS you for standing up. GOD BLESS YOU MADONNA. GOD BLESS YOU DWIGHT HOWARD. GOD BLESS YOU RIHANNA! YOU GUYS ARE BRAVE!

  • Alex

    Dear Selena, the Hmas doesn’t like girls in mini skirts…

  • Big Bill

    I feel sure that Hamas must, by now, accept that head – on fighting cannot be the answer and change to hitting the soft underbelly of the Jews.

    I would suspect that bombing of a Jewish place of worship , or places of worship, throughout the western world could be a natural result.

    This action would stop the direct attack on Palestine, with no excuse like tunnel destroying/rocket site destroying, offered to the world for retaliation against the Palestine women, children, hospital patience and special needs people.

    Should ISIS become involved I feel they are less blinkered than Hamas and the conflict could be moved west into the USA.

  • Me

    Do Palestinians ever say the truth about ANYTHING???

  • human

    Israel has been killing innocent Palestinian children in a very cruel way and this is unacceptable .

  • Shimmy

    Oh she’s so right. People are so naive, the palestinians, Hamas, ISIS, Hezbollah are all the same, wanting to apply and enforce Shariah law upon the world, it doesn’t matter whether they behead people or shoot rockets on domestic areas or stab people.
    So as long as they hide behind children as use them as passive or even active weapon, the world can’t be more stupid continuing to support them.
    So yes, Joan Rivers is right with every word. Including those on Selena Gomez.