Madonna’s ‘Erotica’-Era Demos “Shame” and “You Are The One” Leak: Listen To Both

Those who don’t think Madonna‘s Erotica is one of the best pop albums to emerge from the 1990s need a good thrashing with a cat o’ nine tails. And any longstanding Madge fan knows one of the legendary holy grails of unreleased music out there is the Rain Tapes, which contains snippets of scrapped Madonna tunes circa the early-’90s. But — surprise! — two songs from the era have finally surfaced in full, thanks to a leak.

Idolator’s very own Bradley Stern — aka MuuMuse — points out that “Shame” and “You Are The One” are tracks done up by Erotica producer Shep Pettibone (“Erotica,” “Deeper And Deeper”) and writer Anthony Shimkin (“Bye Bye Baby,” “Bad Girl”). Granted, neither of these gems have the bitch-slappery of, say, “Thief Of Hearts.” But they are funky, housey gems worth bending an ear toward, nonetheless. If anything, its a good whetting of the appetite ahead of Madonna’s next release.

Listen to both leaked cuts below.

Madonna — “You Are The One”

Madonna — “Shame”

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