Dami Im Does It Again With Soaring Pop Anthem “Gladiator”: Listen To The Aussie Diva’s Latest Gem

Dami Im is shaping up to be a very promising pop star. The 25-year-old won X Factor Australia in 2013 and released a pleasant (if somewhat underwhelming) winner’s single called “Alive”. It didn’t really do her voice or kooky personality justice but she got it just right on second single “Super Love” and now keeps that momentum going with another soaring pop anthem.

“Not in it for the glory, I just hope you’re waiting for me,” sings the Korean-born diva sweetly on “Gladiator” before pulling the trigger in the atomic-powered chorus: “Never gonna give up, I won’t let nobody harm ya. I will fight for your love like a gladiator!” Produced by Swedish trio Trinity, Dami’s latest single is pure-pop delight that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Katy Perry album. Listen to a preview after the jump.

Does Dami have an international hit on her hands? Have your say in the comments below.

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  • Kaan

    Definetly an instant global hit..Dami showcases her musical gift, nous, acumen in Gladiator & further proves why she is arguably the World’s most versatile Artist….

  • Kiane Anderson

    Love to see her in the international scene!

  • Jan L Henryon

    Dami Im’s musical genius was undeniably apparent during her appearances week after week in XFactorau 2013 right up to the Grand Final when she was announced WINNER! Gladiator along with her other releases showcases her extreme versatility and will be a magnet for International fandom! Loving following the journey of this undeniably phenomenal Super Star!!!

  • Troy Efd

    Dami is just phenomenal. I’m an Indonesian fan. I hope she’ll make it internationally-recognized.

  • John Brewton

    Dami Im is am exceptional and talented singer! I’m an American fan of Dami’s, and I can tell you, she can hold her own with any of today’s female singers! Dami Im, with her captivating voice, will dominate the world of pop in the near future! “GLADIATOR”, is just such an example! This song will make you want to get up on your feet!! This song will go world wide!!

  • Linda Garcia

    I fell in love with Dami Im on Youtube watching X-Factor AU. Not only does she have insane killer vocals, but rare versatility to sing almost any genre and so well live!! This X-Factor winner broke all records in standing ovations from all judges. But I think what sealed the deal is admiring Dami Im’s sweet and generous character, a positive role model who attracts fans of all ages. Yes, Dami Im is world class and has strong potential to be a global Asian superstar – it’s about time!!.

    • Linda Garcia

      oops, forgot to mention I’m a big fan from the Bay Area in California.

  • Julio Salinas

    Dami can sing anything! She has an infinite amount of tones. She can sing Church song, jazz, opera, rock, ballad and now pop. It doesn’t matter what Dami sing, she always reach your heart. I am a Dami converted for life.

  • Tom Foster

    Gladiator may not touch base with every fan, but there is no denying that this young women is an exceptional artist, musician and person,. She deserves a world stage and hopefully this song will open that door.

  • patrick

    great song i enjoyed every bit of it,

  • Alan Henderson

    This song is just great,it’s very powerful