Banks Decimates Neon Jungle For Recording “Waiting Game” Without Her Permission

Neon Jungle surprised a lot of people by covering Banks“Waiting Game” on their debut LP Welcome To The Jungle — including the song’s composer. It turns out nobody asked the Goddess diva for her permission and she’s understandably miffed about the situation. So much so that she jumped on Facebook and wrote her fans (and the British girl band) an open letter.

“People keep asking why I let Neon Jungle put my song ‘Waiting Game’ on their album when my album has yet to come out,” Banks writes. “The answer is I was never asked. I was as shocked as you to see this song made up of my own heartbeats on their album. A song that was born from my real life, my real heartache, my real fingertips when I was at one of the most confusing times in my life.”

The rising star also has some sharp words for the band. “I am a new artist and new to this business and I am told it is legal,” the 26-year-old admits. “But it feels really icky. I guess I can only hope ‘Waiting Game’ means as much to Neon Jungle as it did to me when I wrote it.” Ouch. It sounds like someone (at both labels) really dropped the ball on this one.

You can read Banks’ full post here. Is she right to be furious? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Guest

    This is nonsense, such a fuss over nothing. All they did was cover her song! They didn’t “steal” it. People cover songs all the time, and permission is not required to do so. Some of the biggest hits in history were originally released by other artists. Banks will make money from every copy of Neon Jungle’s album that is sold. Hardly disrespectful!

    • Guest

      The song hasn’t been released yet, so people will start to associate the song to Neon Jungle and not to BANKS. It’s wrong. If the song was released then it would be no problem but it’s not.

      • Maggie

        The song has been released but not on her full album. It was just released as a single. The issue is that on the album, she is not credited next to her song. This is confusing for anyone who doesn’t know BANKS was the creator of the song Waiting Game. It may be legal and she may (somewhere along the line) get royalties but, like she said in her open letter, it feels icky. Huge display of disrespect on Neon Jungle’s part, as well as their label for choosing to do it this way. At least contact the artist for permission!

  • Mark

    But it’s her song that she planned on releasing herself. Her album’s not even out yet so I’m sure she was psyched to release a song she wrote and is proud of. Now she won’t have that opportunity. That does suck and she should be mad.

  • Mike

    It’s nonsense when the song hasn’t even debut on her own album yet. People cover songs all the time, but rarely release the song on an retail album and IF they do, it’s usually already released by the original artist. She may make some money off royalties, but for a new artist, it’s far more important to get name recognition. It’s sad if people attribute the song to Neon Jungle and not BANKS.

  • Spaska Angelova

    I miss the song