Jessie J Sings “Bang Bang”: Watch The Incredible Performance On Elvis Duran’s ‘Z100 Morning Show’

Bang Friggin' Bang
It hasn’t even been a full week since UK powerhouse songstress Jessie J‘s “Bang Bang” with Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj was  released, and the song has already conquered iTunes. With a chorus that catchy, Jessie and Ariana’s glorious belts, and Nicki’s menacing rap verse, how could it not?

The funky hit is officially in full circulation, and Jessie gave a first-ever performance of the tune on Elvis Duran‘s Z100 Morning Show this week. To put things into perspective, she completely knocked it out of the park. Not only did the performance feel effortless, but the track itself sounds as infectious acoustic as it does on the studio version. So, a big gold star to you, Jessie — this was a flawless performance, indeed. Watch the video up above.

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  • Alex Wang

    Wow! Incredible… love Jessie J

  • musicmandave

    Incredible!!!! This girl can sing!! Why isn’t she huge here in the states?? I hope this song goes to #1. It didn’t really need the other two girls…what were their names again?? ;)

  • Dandy

    Her voice is annoying.

  • Michael Muenchow

    THis is my cover of this amazing song! Hope y’all enjoy!!!!
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  • Melissa

    Jessie SiNG girl!!!!
    btw I found this great review of Bang Bang online

  • Steven Vera

    Damn. She killed it. I love Jessie J. I know she only needed to put Ariana and Nicki on the track to get it to number one here in the States. Good marketing move but she carries the song. Ariana doesn’t sing nearly as effortlessly and with this much feeling. I wouldn’t have minded a track with Jessie J feat. Nicki. But Ariana is the current “it girl” in this so called American music industry right now so she’s part of the reason the track went to No. 1.