Adam Lambert Addresses Cultural Appropriation In Music: “This Whole Debate Is So 20 Years Ago!”

Adam Speaks Out
When it comes to the cultural appropriation debate, Adam Lambert stands in favor of celebrating the human race.

Taking a break from sizzling on stage with Queen this summer, Adam logged onto Twitter this afternoon to share his thoughts on a hot topic in pop culture as of late, which has grown in intensity over the past year — from Miley Cyrus‘ controversial 2013 MTV VMAs performance to Iggy Azalea‘s arrival to the main stage.

Like his pop BFF Katy Perry (who’s had her fair share of detractors following the premiere of “This Is How We Do”), Adam doesn’t agree with the criticism. “This whole cultural appropriation debate is so 20 years ago. Our cultures r BLENDING. A new, open minded/hearted generation is on the rise,” Lambert explained in a series of tweets. Check out all of his thoughts after the jump.

“I am so lucky to be part of a circle of fellow artists who are so open and full of love for our respective backgrounds and cultures. There are times I forget (or want to) that there r others that aren’t as integrated or progressive. Our experience isn’t everyone else’s. It’s why we are the artists. We love to reference things we find beautiful or badass. The creative impulse is actually very pure. If we focus on all our differences, we stay segregated. Right? I’m an Idealist though…. That’s my slant. ;) and MY opinion. Everyone has one. If anyone takes offense- I’m sorry. Not ever my intention. But when did we all get so damn sensitive!? Life’s too short! Have fun, be free. As an out and proud Gay man, I see LGBT culture appropriated all over the place! Catch phrases and all! Am I upset? No- I think it’s fab. K I’m off the soapbox. I love us all.”

So, let’s turn this one over to you, Idolator readers: Do you agree with Adam? Is cultural appropriation a dated debate, or are there existing cultural issues in pop music today? Sound off in the comments below.

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  • Jennifer Elizabeth

    I agree with what he says here. I think it’s a valid discussion to be having, and some performers take it too far and comes off as ignorant and hurtful, but I think people (especially “the internet”) can jump on things too quickly and call offence when it really isn’t warranted. I think Adam’s words here are lovely and show that he lives this kind of optimistic, hopeful way with others who have been able to move past a focus on difference. If something is done in a respectful way with a nod to others in an appreciative manner, I think that’s fine.

    • Sherry Sullivan

      I agree with you but don’t think anyone so far knows what this topic is about. Adam just gave an opinion based on some flack another celebrity got on social media. Some on twitter didn’t like it but what he said was true. So why are ppl commenting on something they really don’t understand at all.

  • Sandra

    You would think Adam Lambert is the only gay entertainer in the world and that he’s the only one who has ever come out to listen to him. Earth to Adam…there’s not a soul who didn’t know Freddie was gay and who still loved him. There’s not a soul who didn’t know Rock Hudson was gay, even before he contacted AIDS. Personally I don’t care who is or who isn’t gay in this world. I care about talent. I care about humanity. I care about humbleness. These are all traits Adam forgets to talk about.

    • Lilli Becker

      AMEN sister!!!! I am so bored of all the “coming-out”..thing!!!! WHY!!!!!..should somebody come out????? I dont run around either presenting myself as “Hello..Lilli Becker…openly straight..nice to meet you!” Why should somebody care about the sexual preferences of others????

      • Jacki East

        Good to know you find the oppression of others “boring” and something to ridicule. Do you have similar objections to black artists contextualising THEIR opinions by stating “as a black musician” or how about me giving similar personal context to MY statements about eg oppression of women from other cultures – which I’ve actually done on many occasions when debating topics relating to racism as Adam is here. It’s actually a normal thing to do when people (white, black, Asian, male, female, straight, gay etc etc) are serious about discussing issues that matter. But I can see you wouldn’t know anything about that.

    • Sherry Sullivan

      Honey you haven’t got a clue what this is about. How does it feel to stick your foot in your mouth? This isn’t only about gay or straight it’s about blending of cultures and races and not labeling people. Next time do your research.

    • Jacki East

      Bahahahaha you and that lilli Becker sure made idiots of yourselves this time. So busy riding around on your favourite homophobic hobby horse about how gay people aren’t allowed to talk about the difficulties of being out in a homophobic world that you failed to even notice this has NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY OF THAT. No-one is focusing on sexual preference and coming out etc except you two nimrods, Adam only mentions it to give appropriate context to his tweets about a different important topic which you don’t seem to care about. Oh and BTW – earth to both of you – there are STILL many many people who dont realise or believe Freddie was gay. But what’s your point anyway? And this is an article featuring Adam tweeting about humanity, talking about humbleness, talking about tolerance and love – something neither of you seem to have a clue about.

    • Brooklyn

      What planet are you from? Adam Lambert is one of the nicest and most humble entertainers in the business. The differences between Freddie, Rock and Adam is that they would not publicly admit that they were gay. Adam has done more for awareness then any gay since Ellen. Adams honesty has made it easier for others. You obviously do not have an an accurate understanding of the man. Educate yourself or keep your distorted opinion to yourself.

    • Ann Marrie

      You can’t have paid much attention to what Adam has been saying over the past five years. He personally thinks everyone should get past the whole “gay” thing too and just let people live their lives but that’s not reality for many, especially gay youth, so he does what he can to help the cause for acceptance. When you are a celebrity you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t and Adam has the courage to do and say what he thinks is right regardless of what others may think. As for humanity, if you read everything he said here, that is exactly what he is talking about. He referred to the gay community as just one example.

    • Susan Sporran

      The discussion had nothing to do with Adam being gay. The part where he mentioned being a gay artist was in response to some tweeters who asked him how he felt when straight people “appropriate” aspects of gay culture. There were hundreds of responses directed to him while the article above only includes his tweets and none of those to whom he was responding. As far as caring about humanity, talent and humbleness Adam is all about those things, he is constantly supporting other artists and he has publicly promoted love over hate since his days on Idol which is a testament to his humanity.

    • magsmagenta

      You are wrong about peoples perceptions of Freddies sexuality when he was alive, and others who are now ‘Out’ such as George Michael, and especially Rock Hudson. While it is obvious to us now that they were gay, and it would have been obvious to their personal friends and family it certainly wasn’t obvious to the general public AT THE TIME. You are viewing the situation with the benefit of hindsight with modern sensibilities. As someone who was alive at the time I know these things were not talked about in polite company and you kept your suspicions to yourself, and the entertainment community had an unspoken code of silence about these things.
      As a 16 year old in 1983 the first person I was aware of as being probably gay was Boy George, and he was being asked questions about which bathrooms he used by journalists in Smash Hits.

      • Trudy

        I’m a bit older than you Margaret but you are correct about the sexuality of Freddie, George Michael and Rock Hudson. It was no talked about. Rock was portrayed by the studios as the “ladies man” and he had to hide his true self. I recall the day Doris Day was standing beside him when he announced he had AIDS. It was a shock to all his fans.

  • atomom

    When done with respect, cultural appropriation does not take away or diminish, but shares and illuminates.

  • Dara lambert

    I agree 100 %, because I love Adam lambert ;D :D

  • Margaret Tombs

    Artistic and cultural progress is massively dependent of cultural borrowing and always has been, ever since there have been humans with ideas other humans have copied them, and developed them and created something new, which in it’s turn is also copied and developed. This is true of any art form and also in science, technology, cookery, religion and just about any thing else humans do.

  • Margaret Tombs

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