Adam Lambert Addresses Cultural Appropriation In Music: “This Whole Debate Is So 20 Years Ago!”

When it comes to the cultural appropriation debate, Adam Lambert stands in favor of celebrating the human race.

Taking a break from sizzling on stage with Queen this summer, Adam logged onto Twitter this afternoon to share his thoughts on a hot topic in pop culture as of late, which has grown in intensity over the past year — from Miley Cyrus‘ controversial 2013 MTV VMAs performance to Iggy Azalea‘s arrival to the main stage.

Like his pop BFF Katy Perry (who’s had her fair share of detractors following the premiere of “This Is How We Do”), Adam doesn’t agree with the criticism. “This whole cultural appropriation debate is so 20 years ago. Our cultures r BLENDING. A new, open minded/hearted generation is on the rise,” Lambert explained in a series of tweets. Check out all of his thoughts after the jump.

“I am so lucky to be part of a circle of fellow artists who are so open and full of love for our respective backgrounds and cultures. There are times I forget (or want to) that there r others that aren’t as integrated or progressive. Our experience isn’t everyone else’s. It’s why we are the artists. We love to reference things we find beautiful or badass. The creative impulse is actually very pure. If we focus on all our differences, we stay segregated. Right? I’m an Idealist though…. That’s my slant. ;) and MY opinion. Everyone has one. If anyone takes offense- I’m sorry. Not ever my intention. But when did we all get so damn sensitive!? Life’s too short! Have fun, be free. As an out and proud Gay man, I see LGBT culture appropriated all over the place! Catch phrases and all! Am I upset? No- I think it’s fab. K I’m off the soapbox. I love us all.”

So, let’s turn this one over to you, Idolator readers: Do you agree with Adam? Is cultural appropriation a dated debate, or are there existing cultural issues in pop music today? Sound off in the comments below.

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