Dawn Richard Explains Why She Punched Aubrey O’Day In The Head, Apologizes To Fans

The internet is still reeling from the (second) dissolution of Danity Kane due to a physical altercation between band members. Aubrey O’Day broke the news earlier today (August 8) in a lengthy Tumblr post in which she accused Dawn Richard of punching her in the head for no apparent reason. The trio’s other member Shannon Bex backed her story up.

However, Dawn’s explanation for the blow that finally put Danity Kane out of its misery is decidedly different. She told TMZ that Aubrey and Shannon were spreading “exaggerated lies and false accusations”. According to the “Meteors” singer, things came to a head when she discovered the duo recording songs in the studio without her. “Extremely sorry to the fans. You don’t deserve this,” the 31-year-old tweeted.

Could this be any more depressing? Physical violence is unacceptable but Dawn had a right to be mad if the other ladies were plotting against her. After all, she put a successful solo career on hold to rejoin the band, while Aubrey and Shannon were comparatively down on their luck. See the miffed diva’s tweets after the jump and stay tuned for more details.

After linking to this article, Dawn tweeted:

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  • Justice League

    if her solo career was so successful then y put it on hold? mmmmm i call bs

    • Akuiay

      Well… Justice League, You answered your question. Her solo career was successful enough to put it on hold long enough to make that album.

      • Justice League

        cookie cutter “singers” who are more product and less true talent can not afford to take a break. there is always another one waiting to step in the light.

  • dd

    smh @ the writer of this taking Dawn’s side.. so you pretty much condone physical attacks because she has a right to be mad? And where is the proof that they were recording songs without her? And even if they did, that gives her the right to go and punch someone in the head? SMH. And Aubrey has the best solo career out of all of them, to say Dawn had the biggest? the writer is a hater.

    • PhlyGerl

      Umm…AUBREY has the BEST solo career out of all DK (former) members??? I need receipts! Dawn is a musical BEAST! She has been on MANY musically critically acclaimed lists for her full album, ‘GoldenHeart’. Don’t forget her stint with Diddy in the group Dirty Money. She co-wrote and co-produced A LOT of that group’s music. That album was also critically acclaimed. She also has her own record label which she is on and she secured her own domestic and international distribution deals for her music label.

  • Dane Gunderson

    I’m glad Mike Wass could explain that sometimes a white bitch just needs a beating… clearly Dawn Richard is a hero in that she was still “working with both teams to still release the album when this story was leaked without anyone being consulted” so the real crime was that someone blabbed that Dawn put a beat down on a cracka

    • NigcrowEater

      She should celebrate by having a Skittles/Arizona tea combo. That worked out well for the last nig that put his hands on a white person.

  • Haywood Ja Blome

    I’ve never even heard of any of these Ladies. Do people really care about this? The current music scene is such a pathetic wasteland. Just sayin’. Can’t wait to hear what Justin Bieber’s Dog Groomer thinks about it all. Ha!

  • Kenneth Medlin

    when around blacks never relax.

  • Kenneth Anderson

    You sound like a f**king idiot. That is all.

  • Pablo

    Um.. If anyone has seen Aubrey on their show, interviews, etc. You know that she probably deserved to get punched in the back of the head. Dawn isn’t one to play, and she probably said something stupid like “At least we didn’t sleep with Diddy to get to where we are..”

    And Dawn was just like.. bish what? BOOM

    Either way, without Andrea this group matters a lot less

  • Dissapointed Fan

    I loved dawn but violence is inexcusable and I now find her to be manipulative and untrustworthy I was punched once and it had a long lasting effect by someone I considered “family” bring back D-woods and Dk3-2

    • PhlyGerl

      Sorry about your horrible experience. I’m sure that since it was family that did it, it made it hurt a lot worse.

      Anyway, as far as being “manipulative and untrustworthy”, I would say those labels go to Aubrey and Shannon. THEY were the ones who held secret meeting about the group and recorded secret music together without Dawn’s knowledge. Everyone there already know about Dawn’s musical career before the group ever reunited. Dawn was readying her release for her first full release ‘GoldenHeart” and was starting to record for it’s follow-up, ‘BlackHeart’. She had already released a fairly successful EP called ‘Armour On’ a year prior. Dawn still had work to do on her own projects, but she pushed them all to the back to bring DK to the forefront of her career. She put that project FIRST and even brought everything she had to make it successful including her industry connections. And if I recall it correctly, it was Dawn who was the principal player in getting the girls together to reunite in the first place. I also believe it was Dawn who came up with the group’s name and concept from the very beginning. Dawn was also working with a Grammy winning producer/writer/artist named Drew Scott who she had a falling out with around the same time DK reunited. It seemed that he was bitter about it because he wanted to continue but was shot down. Don’t know what really happened there, but all I know is when DK reunited she began to work with an all new group of producers because that’s what the group wanted. Not excusing what Dawn did, and I’m sure she’ll be punished for it, but if my father were close to death with a devastating illness and everything else in my life both personally and professionally were going topsy turvy I think I’d be an emotional mess too. It seems that Dawn put A LOT of work into her career and also A LOT on the line for her personal/solo success in favor of a group success as DK. If that were so, and I found out the “friends” I had were plotting against me and trying to oust me from a thing I not only helped build, but named and then helped rebuild – I honestly think I’d snap too! Working on her music was probably the only real constant and solace she had in her life and to have someone smile in your face and then try to do you in the next moment you have your back turned is just plain dirty!

      Also, there’s got to be a reason they ALL chose not to bring DWoods back into the group. There’s also got to be a reason that Andrea posted that TuPac quote on her Instagram before Dawn ever released any type of statement too. (“Don’t believe everything you hear. Real eyes. Recognize, real lies.”)

  • sassyishere

    I hope this is all a publicity stunt for Love and Hip Hop LA, people keeping saying just replace her with D. Woods, but Danity Kane can not survive without Dawn, she sings most of the parts, and that probably was the problem.