Hilary Duff Gets It Just Right On Super Catchy “All About You”: Listen To Her New Single

I wanted to love Hilary Duff‘s comeback single but “Chasing The Sun” just sounds like elevator music for medicated seniors. Happily, the 26-year-old dropped that turd like a drunk girl camping and moved straight on to “All About You”. And it’s the kind of sassy, sing-a-long summer anthem we’ve been expecting from the pop deity who brought us classics like “So Yesterday” and “Come Clean”.

Penned by tried-and-tested hitmakers Savan Kotecha, Carl Falk and Kristian Lundin, “All About You” is a hook-filled delight that stays true to Hilary’s new preference for largely acoustic pop/rock without being a cure for insomnia. “You could be my dirty secret,” coos the girl formerly known as Lizzie McGuire before declaring her love in the monster chorus. Listen to the future radio staple after the jump.

Is “All About You” more like it? Have your say in the comments below.

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  • Pablo

    THIS IS A SINGLE. Good choice.

  • Mikey

    Thank god. This is much better. So much better.

  • Dandy

    YAS HILARY!! Now go buy the single for a proper comeback single!

  • Matt

    love it so much better than her first single this will go high hopefully
    i bought it. such a proud fan with this one

  • WordsWithSam

    This is much, much better. Super catchy and has great mainstream potential. I hope it gets some airplay!

  • Mark

    Now THIS is what I was waiting for! Bring on that album!