Calvin Harris Says He “Had A Damn Good Reason” To Block Rita Ora’s TCA Performance

Calvin Harris blocked Rita Ora from performing “I Will Never Let You Down” (which he wrote and produced) at the recent Teen Choice Awards. Rita Ora told Ryan Seacrest about the DJ’s seemingly petty decision in a radio interview yesterday (August 12), which prompted a cryptic response from the “Summer” hitmaker via Twitter. Because 2014.

“You’ll only know 1 side of the story RE Teen choice awards because I choose not to talk to the papers about every aspect of my personal life,” Calvin tweeted to his approximately 4.6 million followers. “But just know I had a damn good reason”. He then used the “bye” emoji. Cold. To be honest, the Scot’s response doesn’t make him look any better. Unless Rita emptied his bank account or killed his cat, this still feels mean-spirited. See his tweets after the jump.

Is Calvin being petty or is this a case of you reap what you sow? Pick your side in the comments below.

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  • Michelle

    I hope it is good, because it seems like he is just losing out on an opportunity to make money

  • Rob

    People keep making statements about how he’s losing out on money…clearly he doesn’t care if he is losing money. Money isn’t always everything, people. He seems to be doing just fine on his own with his singles.
    I feel like because they are celebrities people are so quick to be like “oh he’s mean, he’s petty, etc.” We all handle situations like breakups differently, whether it be maturely or immaturely. Everyone acts like they’ve never had a bad breakup when it comes to celebrity breakups. If this is how he wants to deal with it, so be it. They chose to mix business with pleasure and this is the result of it. Let them handle it in the way they want to.