Iggy Azalea’s Pre-Fame Pop Song “Nothing Like Me” Surfaces Online: Watch The Britney-Tastic Video

Before finding fame as a rapper, Iggy Azalea briefly tried her hand at dance-pop. The Australian hitmaker recorded a sexy club-banger called “Nothing Like Me” prior to signing with Grand Hustle and probably forget all about it. Until someone posted the Britney Spears-channelling video on YouTube. (Think “Womanizer” filmed on an iPhone).

Of course, bloggers are falling over themselves to call it embarrassing but I think it’s awesome for several reasons. Firstly, Iggy still has that southern drawl. Which means that, for whatever reason, she’s been using it since landing on American soil and didn’t just adopt it to sound “more urban”. Secondly, those buns are still outrageous — meaning they are most likely real. (How many unsigned divas can afford major surgery?) Last but not least, it underlines the fact that everyone has to start someone. Just ask Katy Perry and Lana Del Rey. Watch up top.

How do you feel about Iggy’s pop video? Have your say in the comments below.

[Via Pedestrian TV].

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